Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What we want to do is...

If you are serious about promoting your music or the music of others within our scene in the next year...

We would like to make everybody authors of the site...

Hit us up on twitter . HTTP://TWITTER.COM/CORAPREPORT

The original direction of the blog has been discarded. It was perfect for about 1 year, but eventually we outgrew our ambition.

From now on we will post an article here and there only when we really feel the need to do so, as opposed to meeting quotas and attempting to cover the scene in its entirety like we had been doing before.

However, we would still love to be an all-inclusive one stop shop for Colorado Hip Hop , so hopefully you artists and dj's and promoters and fans will take the opprutunity to sign yourselves up as contributing authors to The Colorado Rap Report. And in 2010 we can turn this into a communal resource, for promoting Colorado Rap Music online.