Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That's right, Rock The Dub Presents... Whygee "The Saga of Mr. Bitches".

Chock full of hilarious anecdotes from Aaron McGruder's legendary comic strip turned TV Anime "The Boondocks", this album from Colorado rapper Whygee is a cohesive, hard hitting, piece of 2009 Hip Hop lore.



Props to Rock The Dub for sending the over, make sure you get familiar with all the exclusive material that Rock The Dub is already offering to you, and stay tuned for a ton of dope shit from both Whygee and Rock The Dub this year.

Features the original song for the hit music video ChumpSinPink.



Some upcoming shows, be patient. watch the bird.


Audible Abilities Live. @ The B Side.

Check it out...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Great interview.

Press play.

Click here for a larger screen.

More Hood Music

Go back and download my last Hood Installment(GoBOi). It took me a few days to find this jam but here you go this is “Understand Life” from the album 80's Baby by Geed Up Productions out of Aurora Colorado. In this is Hood Classic (if your are from the A-CO like me) you will instantly notice the things he touches on in this song really went down in Colorado for example Geed Up has a whole section in this song about Thomas Powell being shot in Aurora Colorado and a handful of other major events any real A-CO Hood Resident can remember.

Download Understand Life Here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For the second time so far, Ichiban jumps back onto the chart. This means newer music markets are just now picking up on how dope this album is. This week Psycle Analysis charts at #38.

For the sixth week in a row The Suicide Watch EP charts, this time at #31.

You can buy both these albums online at Amazon, ITunes, La La, Rhapsody, and more.

11114P.O.S.Never BetterRhymesayers
2102123N.A.S.A.The Spirit Of ApolloAnti
331233DRAGON FLI EMPIRERedefineSelf-Released
42326COMMONUniversal Mind ControlGeffen
544113ILLA JYancey BoysDelicious Vinyl
66665MIC CRENSHAWThinking Out LoudFocused Noise
77219EVIDENCEThe Layover [EP]Decon
89521088-KEYSThe Death Of AdamDecon
9111795MADLIBBeat Konducta, Vol. 5-6: A Tribute To...Stones Throw
1081185K-THE-I???Yesterday, Today And TomorrowMush
115754MYKA 91969Fake Four
13141058KANYE WEST808's And HeartbreakDef Jam
141514912THE KNUXRemind Me In 3 DaysE Pluribus Unum
1512975DJ SIGNIFYOf CitiesBully
161715217JAKE ONEWhite Van MusicRhymesayers
17198121MURSMurs For PresidentWarner Bros.
182023183PLATINUM PIED PIPERSAbundanceUbiquity
191613610Q-TIPThe RenaissanceUniversal Motown
202133206T.I.Paper TrailGrand Hustle
22-37206LUDACRISTheater Of The MindDef Jam South-Disturbing Tha Peace
232429315MIGHTY UNDERDOGSDroppin' Science FictionDefinitive Jux
2431-242ROYCE DA 5'9""Shake This" [Single]ONE
251818313AZEEMAir CartoonsOaklyn
26--261NAT KING COLERe:Generations [EP]Capitol
272534178BLACK MILKTronicFat Beats
28--285FOREIGN EXCHANGELeave It All BehindNicolay
3026-262TREK MANIFEST TrekniqueSelf-Released
313028286WHYGEE AND SUNKEN STATESuicide WatchFossil Fuel Music
323332323X-CLANMainstream OutlawzKerosene
332719169GRIEVES AND BUDO88 Keys And CountingBlack Clover
34--341DIZZEE RASCALDance Wiv Me RemixesAMERICA
363220107PROBLEMADDICTSDark Side Of OzMystika Music
38--1611ICHIBANPsycle AnalysisLife
39-40616DJ K.O.Picture ThisShaman Work
40--401KOUSHIKOut My WindowStones Throw


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Free Tickets to The Pirate Signal on March 14th!!!!

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The Pirate Signal "Jiggle It"

The Pirate Signal "Shake That"


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Monday, February 16, 2009

Lets Make Love Hip Hop Style

I was put on here at The Report (I like calling it that because I watch a lot of Colbert Report...lol) a few weeks back... I've been slacking a bit but I promise to make it up to you over the next couple of week I will be slappin yall around with all kinds of Colorado Hip Hop I'm sure you've never heard because you guys just dont digg like us(I'm sure a few of you do)..

Anyway my first installment of Colorado Classics comes from Eastside of Denver... His Name is The GoBOi I heard he's related to Whygee some kind of way...?

This is some of the best Colorado Hood Music I've heard. This should be up on Cocaine Blunts Blog(plug) this piff is so FIRE yall should just download and review it NOW!!!

Download it FREE Here!

The Lostnfound Hitsofda GoBOi

Live Suicide!

Whygee and Sunkenstate perform songs from The Suicide Watch Live in Boulder. I heard this show was dope on some exclusive shit Whygee and Kidz In Da Hall... at The B.Side....

Flesh And Blood

Adam And Eve

Birds And Trees:

Exclusive sneak peak at the live presence that is #30 on the CMJ Top 40 Hip Hop right now!

The Suicide Watch Hits the Charts for the 5th Week in a Row.

The Suicide Watch Peaks at #28 on the CMJ Hip Hop Chart.

Sunken State Live Freestyle @ Radio 1190 AM. (FF to 1:00:00).

Sunday, February 15, 2009



This is an instant classic. DJ Es-Nine throws down an epic DJ set, full of the most valuable gems in Hip Hop.

Meanwhile Sunken State starts off the show with an exclusive interview, and finishes the the hour with a MUST HEAR FREESTYLE.

Make sure you listen to the whole thing from start to finish, so you can hear for yourself.




Free download!

This is the brand new album from Denver based Hip Hop Trio, MANELINE.

Maneline consists of Mane Rok (MC), Inkline (MC/PRODUCER), and Deejay Tense (DJ).

These dudes put a lot into their music, and so naturally they really want to get it to as many people as possible. So they have decided to make the album a free download, for a limited time only, so get your hands on it!


Friday, February 13, 2009


LMAO. Get it. Put it somewhere. And JR Smith for The Sixth Man Award!


Make sure you take advantage of this, the more people that participate in these ticket giveaways, the more success they are, and the more likely we are to continue doing this in the future!!

Anyways, we are giving away FREE TICKETS to THE NAPPY ROOTS.

This show is going down Wednesday, February 18th, at the Marquis Theater.

This is honestly too cool, The Nappy Roots released one of THE BEST albums of 2008, with The Humdinger. The Nappy Roots are the realest of the real, and definitely should be at the TOP of the list of out of state acts you should check out.

You should really buy a ticket to this show, and support the catalysts of this Hip Hop shit! For the kids!!

However, if you would like FREE TICKETS to THE NAPPY ROOTS, check this out.

Send an email to Rikki@sodajerkpresents.com, and make sure you write in detail why YOU should be going to see THE NAPPY ROOTS for FREE!

For instance we would write, "Hey! We are the hugest Nappy Roots fans EVER. The Humdinger was our favorite album of 2008! If we are going to see one concert this year we want it to be THIS one". But be original...

Also The Diamond Boiz and F.O.E. are going to be opening up for this show, so we are going to have some dope Local Rappers representing on the same stage as The Nappy Roots! Dope!

Again, make sure you send an email to Rikki@sodajerkpresents.com, and lets get these FREE TICKETS!

We will have many more ticket giveaways in the future, but first we need to make this one a SUCCESS. So get on it!

Again, This show is going down Wednesday, February 18th, at the Marquis Theater in Denver.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is the debut album from 3 The Hardway, a group consiting of A.V.I.U.S. (MC), Cysko Rokwel (DJ), and Es-Nine (Producer).

Cysko- On this album you will realize that the best Recording DJ alive, is DJ Cysko Rokwel. This is a work of art on his part, and you just simply don't hear cuts and phrasing like this, much less as well thought out and with as much digging behind it as Cysko's work on "Set In Stone". From the very start (Set In Stone Intro), Cysko is showing and proving just that. He sets the bar, and then maintains his own pace, which is something most artists have trouble with.

Es-Nine- What else can I say, this producer is among the best. He is ready to be recognized with the Nicolay's and 9th Wonder's of the world, and is making producers like DJ Premier and Pete Rock very proud.

A.V.I.U.S.- This MC has been on his grind. He has seen more stages these last two years than anybody. He is a true poet, who means every word he says, and who is really in love with his Raps. A typical coversation with him goes like this, "yo what up A.V.I.U.S." "not much, man that reminds me of this lyric I just wrote, check it out".

The three of them are known for their high energy shows, volume, and for rockin the stage together as a close-knit posse.

Soon they will most likely be known for releasing one of the most pivotal true-school Hip Hop albums of the 21st Century.

Here are some reasons why.

Better Dayz-

This song is truly timeless. So timeless it sound like it could have been recorded in a dream. Not just any dream though, more like a Deja-Vu. Like you are remembering something but dreaming about it at the same time. Feel me?

The horns during the hook really take this song in a different direction, while most of the time it leaves a lot of open space above your head, so that you can really picture Rapper A.V.I.U.S.
However, A.V.I.U.S. catches onto the relaxed rhythm perfectly, and it mellows him out, to the point where you can also focus on the soulful vocal sampling, interspersed throughout the beat.
Everything in it's right place. Dope. And yet it feels entirely different from the rest of the album...

Main Stage-

This song has been in circulation for awhile now. It's a collabaration with DEFARI! And honestly, it is one of our favorite songs by Defari, ever. And we are huge Defari fans. But the great thing about SET IN STONE, is that all the featured MC's come so correct, that I find myself ranking their work on SET IN STONE among their best work ever.

The beat marches, and Defari says some really cool shit. Great lyrics, the hook is wild, Cysko's cuts at the end is some of the best phrasing, ever.

And the Mini-Hook?

Make sure you check these guys out live, where this song is is a heavy fan favorite.

Cold World-

We love a good shot at society. And while A.V.I.U.S. isn't exactly known for his political material, this song ranks among the best social critiques in Hip Hop we've ever heard. It's truly some shit the revolutionaries out there can be proud of.

Its not on some pretensious hate based angst-ridden bullshit, its some real shit, from a real MC, who would rather not have to write this song, but its the truth, and most political Rappers really miss the mark compared to a joint like this.

Its not another song by the rebellious son of a senator, about what he read in the newspaper, its a real song, by a real MC, about what he sees in the Streets.

And Cysko absolutely murders the cuts, again, and again. And it should be said right now that Cysko really needs some recognition from this album, because he is changing the game, and may just be the best Recording DJ alive.

In Need-

Es-Nine is a G and by G I mean a Genius for this one. He picked a recurring melody for this song, which will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life. OOOOO OOO WHOOO OOOOO OOOO. Something like that. It reminds me of smiling. And tears of joy. And its Love.

Positive Direction-

This is my favorite song on the album right now. I'm all about positive over negative. Cysko went in on those cuts, digging hard to find the right samples to convey that righteous message.

This is going to be my favorite song on this album, and that is saying a lot, because they have a song with Defari, and another song with Braille.

Everything about this song is just fly, bubbling, risin to the top. It just gels. Es-Nine took what was once a happy sample, and put some ANGUISH into it. UNNHHHH!!!

A.V.I.U.S. has a flow on this reminicent of getting slashed 45 times with a stiletto, OUCH! He is just slicing at you!

Reach For The Stars-

This song had me pushing pause, and running for my Bong, which is a good thing.

Another crazy beat from Es-Nine, this one MARCHES, Es-Nine is the king of the March Style. He is a Hip Hop General of this Rap Army.

This is another one of those songs on the album that should be a single. (By my count there is at least 7 singles on this album. Which is unprecendented.)

As for Cysko... Dave Herrera already told you about those Biggie cuts, this song should have been on the Notorious soundtrack with that alone.


The lyrical value of the hook on this song is Priceless. "I Sit and Wonder, Without Music would I Be, Lost in Life with no Goals Ambitions or Dreams?" !!!

Well said!

Cysko changes it up too! Instead of the insane complexity of his phrasing habits, he fucks with taking to one cut with the precision that only a National DMC Champion can exhibit.


Holy Fuck! This is another Single!

This is a completely unique song, because who else has The Dilated Peoples personally writing rhymes about Colorado for their album? And Rakaa kills it.

Another perfect selection of cuts by DJ Cysko Rokwel, throwing some motherfuckin A Few Good Men in that shit? WHAT?! Classic. And then A.V.I.U.S. just smacks the shit out of the haters, and might have even outshined Rakaa? Yeah I said it...


This song features Braille of Lightheaded, and its my favorite Braille song that I have heard since 2004. He goes hard over this beat.

These guys performed this song with Braille ON THE FLY, at the D-Note, and it was CRAZY. They did it perfectly, and Braille just unleashed over Es-Nine's beat.

The way the beat and the melody drop in for the hook is so perfect. and so smooth.

We Here-

The thing I gotta say about this song is, that it is yet ANOTHER magnum opus of cuts by DJ Cysko Rokwel, at the end of the song. Who is doing phrasing like this? Who is digging for samples like this? This dude is a real Hip Hop DJ. Colorado Rappers should be throwing massive amounts of money at this dude, because your album would be so much better.

The rest...

The rest of the songs are great Hip Hop music. They might not have stuck out to me, but they are the type of songs that once all the singles get played out, make great rare gems for underground Hip Hop DJ's. And even on the songs where the beats and rhymes may have not been speaking to me, Cysko still did his thing. So this album is SOLID, which more than more than I can say for 95% of the albums out there. I usually like a handful of songs from an album, but skip over the rest, but not with "Set in Stone".

This is the sound of Denver personified. Well done homies!

This album drops on February 28th, make sure you attend the Release Party! And BUY the album. I know I will. It's well worth it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Whygee and Sunken State still on the CMJ Hip Hop chart for the 5th week in a row!

It is currently at #30 on the Top 40.

Check it out! And buy it on Amazon.com, ITunes, or Rhapsody.

112513P.O.S.Never BetterRhymesayers
23325COMMONUniversal Mind ControlGeffen
312-32DRAGON FLI EMPIRERedefineSelf-Released
442112ILLA JYancey BoysDelicious Vinyl
571753MYKA 91969Fake Four
661364MIC CRENSHAWThinking Out LoudFocused Noise
72118EVIDENCEThe Layover [EP]Decon
8111584K-THE-I???Yesterday, Today And TomorrowMush
9542988-KEYSThe Death Of AdamDecon
1021-102N.A.S.A.The Spirit Of ApolloAnti
1117994MADLIBBeat Konducta, Vol. 5-6: A Tribute To...Stones Throw
129774DJ SIGNIFYOf CitiesBully
1410557KANYE WEST808's And HeartbreakDef Jam
151411911THE KNUXRemind Me In 3 DaysE Pluribus Unum
1613669Q-TIPThe RenaissanceUniversal Motown
171512216JAKE ONEWhite Van MusicRhymesayers
18188312AZEEMAir CartoonsOaklyn
19810120MURSMurs For PresidentWarner Bros.
2023-202PLATINUM PIED PIPERSAbundanceUbiquity
213330215T.I.Paper TrailGrand Hustle
23-321714IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE"The Third World" [Single]Viper
242920314MIGHTY UNDERDOGSDroppin' Science FictionDefinitive Jux
253431177BLACK MILKTronicFat Beats
26--261TREK MANIFEST TrekniqueSelf-Released
271918168GRIEVES AND BUDO88 Keys And CountingBlack Clover
28--281NOVEL"I Am" [Single]Capitol
2925-252BROADCAST LIVEBoomerang MetropolisRebel Army Media
302828285WHYGEE AND SUNKEN STATESuicide WatchFossil Fuel Music
31--311ROYCE DA 5'9""Shake This" [Single]ONE
322014106PROBLEMADDICTSDark Side Of OzMystika Music
3332-322X-CLANMainstream OutlawzKerosene
34-23811CYNEPretty Dark ThingsHometapes
35--351NASARemembering The Future
3636-157MC FRONTALOTFinal BossLevel Up
37--372NINJASONIKAll My Friends Are In BandsBikes In The Kitchen
38--381RAPHAEL SAADIQThe Way I See ItColumbia
39--391HUSTLE SIMMONSHu$tle Simmons
402424246WU-TANG CLANWU: The Story Of The Wu-Tang ClanLoud House


Want to go see 3 The Hardway and Cysko Rokwel open up for The X-Ecutioners?

Just send an email to info@bouldertheater.com, with an answer to THIS question....

"Cysko Rokwel and Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners share more than just a similar name. Which major USA DJ Battle have both of these DJ's taken either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in?"

Ok I imagine this will be a real hard one for anybody that doesn't read this blog on a daily basis. ;-) So if you really know your shit, make sure you send that Email!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hisider Asks Kid Hum What The Deal Is

Hisider: How big is your record collection?

Kid Hum: About 2,000 Deep, With about 1,000 Hip Hop and 1,000 for Sampling.

: How do you feel about the whole sample/no samples thing?

Kid Hum: Personally I find that when something catches my ear, it is often built from a sample, or an old record. I think the best producers are intuitive and can make a good beat with whatever though.

Sometimes I will really get into a song thinking it is samples, and find out that it is all live instrumentation.

1865 for instance, is a producer who can make a dope beat using all live instruments, and who often fools me.

I feel like "Hip Hop Bands" usually miss the mark, because they don't alter their sound live, using EFX or whatever, they juts come on stage sounding like Lewis and Floorwax hired a Rapper. I had this one kid who would constantly tell me how "the future of Hip Hop was with a live band", and I was like "man I must not see what you see then".

Like Radiohead for instance, if you have ever seen them live, you know that every instrument on stage is going to sound unique, like they do shit to their instruments no one else does, and they do it LIVE. So Radiohead is further ahead of the "Hip Hop Band" curve than most of these Jam Bands w/ Rappers.

Hisider: Top 10 Producers of all time?

Kid Hum: Shit...

For me... I'll give you 20.

Large Professor, Dilla, Madlib, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Mannie Fresh, Khayree, The RZA, Pimp C, Z-Ro, Exile, Stro The 89th Key, Ohmega Watts, The Alchemist, 1865, Sol Messiah, Mr.Lee, Es-Nine, Pete Rock,

: Favorite Colorado Emcees?

Kid Hum: Sunken State, Whygee, Yonnas, Deca, Ichiban, A.V.I.U.S., Distrakt, Offly Nice, Mike Wird, Phumes, Points, Azma, Status

Hisider: If you could work with anyone in the world right now. Who all would you choose?

Kid Hum: See my list of Colorado Emcees, lol, I'm Blessed Yo! I'm working with my favorite MC's on Earth right now.

I would like to see an Eminem or 50 Cent album produced by Kid Hum, I would love to get beats on Young Jeezy's next album. I would love to work with Sugar Tongue Slim. And any of those Colorado cats I mentioned that I haven't yet gotten to know or work with, I would love to work with.

Hisider: What projects are you working on in '09?

Kid Hum: I'm producing an entire album for Cyrano aka Cy Yung of Raleigh NC, called SOBEIT, which is going to be something to talk about.

I'm producing an entire album for Sunken State.

I'm producing an entire album for Mike Wird, called Mike Wird and Kid Hum are AT ODDS.

I'm doing a crazy project with Rockthedub.com which will feature a TON of top notch MC's.

I'm sending beats out every day, and making beats, and digging, so hopefully just a steady stream of new work.

I wanna get something finished with Whygee too, I know he is working on a bunch of stuff I gave him so that might be another album, or at the very least I should have a bunch of Productions on some things Whygee has in store.

Hisider: What's the hell is Offshore Drilling(seen some shit online)?

Kid Hum: That is the "Rock The Dub Presents... Kid Hum". That is going to be a motherfucker. I am going to be able to die happy after that shit drops.

Hisider: Everybody is talking bout this is the year for Colorado Hip Hop to Explode. Do you agree/disagree?

Kid Hum: I agree 100%, I am going to personally ensure it in fact. Lol. And I encourage everybody to do the same. And if anybody needs College Radio Promotion (getting charted on the CMJ) I am now open for business. Hit me up for Rates.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The homie DJ Low Key hit us up this morning to let us know that, TONIGHT, Friday the 6th, he and DJ Sounds Supreme are going to be holding a SPECIAL edition of their award winning party, THE SOLUTION.

That's right, its The Solutions Birthday Party! (Happy 2nd!)

Check out the flyer, as well as more info at DJLOWKEY.COM

We recommend showing up to this for the prospective gift bags alone, but if you have never been to The Solution, this would be a good time to make yourself familiar.

Also Dunn the Street Sign Artist aka Signtologist will be there! So now you know, what are you waiting for? Pick something out, to wear, and make it a date.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Suicide Watch EP Holding it down for the 4th week in a row. Staying put at #28.

125-12P.O.S.Never BetterRhymesayers
21317EVIDENCEThe Layover [EP]Decon
33434COMMONUniversal Mind ControlGeffen
421111ILLA JYancey BoysDelicious Vinyl
5422888-KEYSThe Death Of AdamDecon
6131363MIC CRENSHAWThinking Out LoudFocused Noise
717-72MYKA 91969Fake Four
8109119MURSMurs For PresidentWarner Bros.
97773DJ SIGNIFYOf CitiesBully
105556KANYE WEST808's And HeartbreakDef Jam
111522113K-THE-I???Yesterday, Today And TomorrowMush
12--121DRAGON FLI EMPIRERedefineSelf-Released
136668Q-TIPThe RenaissanceUniversal Motown
141112910THE KNUXRemind Me In 3 DaysE Pluribus Unum
151211215JAKE ONEWhite Van MusicRhymesayers
1791593MADLIBBeat Konducta, Vol. 5-6: A Tribute To...Stones Throw
1888311AZEEMAir CartoonsOaklyn
191816167GRIEVES AND BUDO88 Keys And CountingBlack Clover
201410105PROBLEMADDICTSDark Side Of OzMystika Music
21--211N.A.S.A.The Spirit Of ApolloAnti
221918511KABOOSEExcuse MeSyntax
23--231PLATINUM PIED PIPERSAbundanceUbiquity
242424245WU-TANG CLANWU: The Story Of The Wu-Tang ClanLoud House
25--251BROADCAST LIVEBoomerang MetropolisRebel Army Media
27--271VARIOUS ARTISTS2009 Canadian Rap Future SuperstarsBrockway
282831284WHYGEE AND SUNKEN STATESuicide WatchFossil Fuel Music
292026313MIGHTY UNDERDOGSDroppin' Science FictionDefinitive Jux
302223178TITTSWORTHTwelve StepsPlant Music
3137-312GHETTOSOCKSI Can Make Your Dog FamousINDIE
32--321X-CLANMainstream OutlawzKerosene
333030234T.I.Paper TrailGrand Hustle
343117176BLACK MILKTronicFat Beats
35--193LET GOTomorrow Handles ThatThe Let Go
36-21156MC FRONTALOTFinal BossLevel Up
372727205LUDACRISTheater Of The MindDisturbing Tha Peace-Def Jam South
381614107NOW ONTomorrow AlreadyA-Side Worldwide
39--391EARPEACEEarpeace [EP]Porter
403436615DJ K.O.Picture ThisShaman Work