Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catch Lungs Does Just That!

Yo! This is the first official article from our new author, HISIDER. Its a review of Catch Lungs's "Food For The Famished" (Hosted by The White Shadow aka DJ BEDZ). Peep it.

Catch Lungs comes out swingin over a Black Milk track, I think the Mixtape should have started with this joint, It grabs you right away. Catch Lungs sounds really fresh over the Industry Instrumentals. Catch Lungs and Purpose sound good together they should team up for a project I think, but back to Food For The Famished.... Here are some of my favorite joints.... "Swishers And Doja" (Ft. Fo Chief & Kontrast) is ill crazy style and flavor I will be adding this to the Hisider play list below. I think they did a good job getting on some player shit with the "Take a Ride" Joint(Ft.
Purpose & Kontrast). O.D. and Kontrast made a smooth beat here. "Game Spitters" (Ft. EMB)... This is a Classic Hip Hop Joint in my opinion (Good Lyrics to a Dope Beat) and EMB if you out there reading this please please holla at us at The Colorado Rap Report.


Catch Lungs ft. EMB "Game Spitters"

Catch Lungs ft. Purpose & Kontrast "Take a Ride"

Catch Lungs ft. Fo Chief & Kontrast "Swishers and Doja"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hey!!! Another great week for CO Rappers on the CMJ Chart.

Ichiban's "Psycle Analysis" is once again proving longevity, climbing back up 5 spots to #29, after moving down to #34 the previous week.

Whygee and Sunken State's "Suicide Watch" also moves up in its 3rd week on the chart, and lands at #28 on the chart.

Hip Hop #1089

13316EVIDENCEThe Layover [EP]Decon
211110ILLA JYancey BoysDelicious Vinyl
34533COMMONUniversal Mind ControlGeffen
4222788-KEYSThe Death Of AdamDecon
55955KANYE WEST808's And HeartbreakDef Jam
66867Q-TIPThe RenaissanceUniversal Motown
77-72DJ SIGNIFYOf CitiesBully
884310AZEEMAir CartoonsOaklyn
915-92MADLIBBeat Konducta, Vol. 5-6: A Tribute To...Stones Throw
1096118MURSMurs For PresidentWarner Bros.
11121099THE KNUXRemind Me In 3 DaysE Pluribus Unum
12117214JAKE ONEWhite Van MusicRhymesayers
1313-132MIC CRENSHAWThinking Out LoudFocused Noise
141014104PROBLEMADDICTSDark Side Of OzMystika Music
1522-152K-THE-I???Yesterday, Today And TomorrowMush
161411106NOW ONTomorrow AlreadyA-Side Worldwide
17--171MYKA 91969Fake Four
181620166GRIEVES AND BUDO88 Keys And CountingBlack Clover
191812510KABOOSEExcuse MeSyntax
202613312MIGHTY UNDERDOGSDroppin' Science FictionDefinitive Jux
222317177TITTSWORTHTwelve StepsPlant Music
2332-810CYNEPretty Dark ThingsHometapes
242425244WU-TANG CLANWU: The Story Of The Wu-Tang ClanLoud House
25--251POSNever BetterRhymesayers
263929263MC YOGIElephant PowerWhite Swan
272727204LUDACRISTheater Of The MindDisturbing Tha Peace-Def Jam South
283139283WHYGEE AND SUNKEN STATESuicide WatchHouse of Waxx
2934281610ICHIBANPsycle AnalysisLife
303023233T.I.Paper TrailGrand Hustle
311726175BLACK MILKTronicFat Beats
32--1713IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE"The Third World" [Single]Viper
33--1311C-RAYZ WALZ AND KOSHA DILLZ Freestyle Vs. WrittenModular Moods
3436-614DJ K.O.Picture ThisShaman Work
352831283BLAME ONEDays Chasing DaysSoulspazm
36--334FOREIGN EXCHANGELeave It All BehindNicolay
37--371GHETTOSOCKSI Can Make Your Dog Famous
3833382011YO! MAJESTY Futuristically Speaking... Never Be AfraidDomino
39--115COMMON MARKETTobacco RoadHyena-Massline
402515156BSTCMusic For A Saturday Evening EPAll Natural

As always make sure you stay tuned to The Colorado Rap Report, your weekly source for the CMJ Charts.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is the official tracklist for our upcoming compilation entitled "Songs Of The Colorado Rap Report".

We will be dropping this in February. Cover Art coming soon...

The album should be a good reference for out of state peoples as far as what has been recently going in with Colorado Hip Hop.

Artist "Track" (Album (Release Date)

1. 1865 "I Am Gangster...I Am Money" (The Sodium Girl EP (2008)
2. 1865 "Men From Space" (TCRR Exclusive)
3. 1865 "Animal World" (Dark Meat Damage (Coming Soon)
4. 3 The Hardway ft. Defari "Mainstage" (Set In Stone (Feb. 28th, 2009)
5. Whygee ft. Charley Brand and Ms. Jones "A Colorado Life" (TCRR Exclusive)
6. Whygee & Sunken State ft. DJ BMoney "Good and Bad" (The Suicide Watch EP (2008)
7. Whygee & Sunken State ft. DJ BMoney "Adam and Eve" (The Suicide Watch EP (2008)
8. The Pirate Signal "Hood Hop" (Of Gods and Gangsters Vol.1 (2008)
9. The Pirate Signal ft. Sence One "Bang!" (Of Gods and Gangsters Vol.1 (2008)
10. Maneline ft O.N.E. "Good & Bad" (& Sew Its Seams (2008)
11. Maneline ft. 9th. Ave Choir "Ain't Real Ain't Right" (& Sew Its Seams) (2008)
12. Kid Hum "Prayer" (Fossil Fuel (2008)
13. Iman S. "Dada Day" (TCRR Exclusive)
14. The Illacide "Work Hard" (TCRR Exclusive)
15. Ichiban "Day In The Life" (Psycle Analysis (2008)
16. Emily McLean "Man on Fire" (Untitled LP (Coming soon)
17. Distrakt "Stereotypes" (Distraktions (2006)
18. Dent ft. Sol Powa and D.O. "Just Ride" (Confi-Dent (2008)
19. Deca "Aquarium" (The Hedonist (2007)
20. Colorado Casuals "Its Denver" (TCRR Exclusive)
21. Bad Clients "Say Sumpthin" (Check The Resume (Coming Soon)
22. Audible Audities ft. Luckyiam "Headnodic" (Last Call Poets (2007)

As you can see from our Hyperlinks, the music on this compilation is entirely taken from articles we have written over the past 4 months.

So if you feel like we left you out get at us with some music!


Press Play.

Audible Audities ft. Luckyiam "Headnodic"

This the lead single off of the debut album from Boulder based Audible Audities (not Abilities).

The song features Luckyiam (Living Legends).

Also the boys are back in the lab right now finishing up their brand new album which should be coming to us here in the '09.

Shout out to Xander and Topiq.


There is a new Author on The Colorado Rap Report. And he smokes Candela blunts.

Well not really, in fact Hisider has been one of our main contributors for some time, but starting in February we are going to officially begin handing the blog over to our contributors, by making them Authors.

Anyways, from now on you can send submissions to Hisider, his email is (, and you can also check for his name at the bottom of any article that he pens.

Be on the lookout for more and more new Authors coming to The Report here in the next few months.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Press Play.

The lyrics on this are so out there we just had to post it again :-)

"Just because I eat what I want on some Applejack"

The Sunken One on the Myspace

Another of those shine in '09 cats that you WILL hear about...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Press Play.

Bad Clients "Say Sumpthin"

A lil Brrrapper! for that ass.

This song will be featured on our upcoming Compilation "Songs Of The Colorado Rap Report", as well as the upcoming BAD CLIENTS album "CHECK THE RESUME"

Oh and BAD CLIENTS is always in ALL CAPS. We have been informed...


Friday, January 23, 2009

BreakEFX vs. Dance2Live

Press Play.

Let us know what you think!

Shouts to Eppie and Ill Sho.



Welcome to your Rap Report.

- Have you heard Rapper Ichiban? Who is is still on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts for the 9th week in a row!? And joining him this week is Whygee and Sunkenstate of Colorado, whose album The Suicide Watch charted again at #31 this week!

- We are now officially providing CMJ Chart information to the public that is normally unviewable! So check up on the chart weekly to find out who is currently representing for CO!

- Also, there is a brand new local Blog doing big things, with even bigger things to come. They are COSTANDUP.COM. Check them out.

- As always, check out the list of articles The Colorado Rap Report has published so far this month, on the top-right under DID YOU MISS SOMETHING? With so many articles there has to be something for YOU.

- That's all for this month, but we got plenty more articles, and as you may have noticed we have doubled our output this month. We hope to keep the pace. And don't doubt we will since we are bringing a New Author on to The Report on Feb 1st.

If you feel like we forgot you or you just have something you want to shout out for next month, hit us up. Also, if you have any questions at all about where a venue might be for a concert or a download link that may not be working, hit us up and we'll fill you in.

The Colorado Rap Report

The Colorado Rap Report Blog

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Press Play.

Whygee ft. Charley Brand and Ms.Jones "A Colorado Life"

We we're originally going to throw this on the Article:Whygee Archive, but since it wasen't actually on the archive itself, it didn't go down.

So we asked Whygee for a copy, and here it is.

Charley Brand
goes hard on this song. Look out for more from him in collaboration with Whygee.

Look out for Songs Of The Colorado Rap Report, a Compilation of all that is streaming audio here. Coming in Feb. Along with a New Author here at The Report.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Big ups again to Kid Hum for sending these over. Ichiban holding it down for 9 weeks in a row now. Whygee & Sunkenstate move up 8 positions to #31! Dope. We will be posting these weekly from now on. Your source for the CMJ Charts!

11219ILLA JYancey BoysDelicious Vinyl
2262688-KEYSThe Death Of AdamDecon
33435EVIDENCEThe Layover [EP]Decon
45-42COMMONUniversal Mind ControlGeffen
59754KANYE WEST808's And HeartbreakDef Jam
681266Q-TIPThe RenaissanceUniversal Motown
7--71DJ SIGNIFYOf CitiesBully
84339AZEEMAir CartoonsOaklyn
961117MURSMurs For PresidentWarner Bros.
101437103PROBLEMADDICTSDark Side Of OzMystika Music
1175213JAKE ONEWhite Van MusicRhymesayers
1210998THE KNUXRemind Me In 3 DaysE Pluribus Unum
13--131MIC CRENSHAWThinking Out LoudFocused Noise
141110105NOW ONTomorrow AlreadyA-Side Worldwide
15--151MADLIBBeat Konducta, Vol. 5-6: A Tribute To...Stones Throw
162018165GRIEVES AND BUDO88 Keys And CountingBlack Clover
1726-174BLACK MILKTronicFat Beats
18121659KABOOSEExcuse MeSyntax
211815155MC FRONTALOTFinal BossLevel Up
22--221K-THE-I???Yesterday, Today And TomorrowMush
231722176TITTSWORTHTwelve StepsPlant Music
242533243WU-TANG CLANWU: The Story Of The Wu-Tang ClanLoud House
251521155BSTCMusic For A Saturday Evening EPAll Natural
26138311MIGHTY UNDERDOGSDroppin' Science FictionDefinitive Jux
272720203LUDACRISTheater Of The MindDisturbing Tha Peace-Def Jam South
2831-282BLAME ONEDays Chasing DaysSoulspazm
292423236MOKA ONLYCarrots And EggsUrbnet
3023-232T.I.Paper TrailGrand Hustle
3139-312WHYGEE AND SUNKEN STATESuicide WatchFossil Fuel Music
32-2489CYNEPretty Dark ThingsHometapes
3338-2010YO! MAJESTY Futuristically Speaking... Never Be AfraidDomino
342825169ICHIBANPsycle AnalysisLife
353536353TERMANOLOGYPolitics As UsualNature Sounds-ST
36-19613DJ K.O.Picture ThisShaman Work
3722-224JEDI MIND TRICKSA History Of ViolenceBabygrande
38--381NINJASONIKAll My Friends Are In BandsBikes In The Kitchen
3929-292MC YOGIElephant PowerWhite Swan
40--401JAY-ZThe Blueprint 3Roc-A-Fella-rocafella

This is the Colorado Rap Report.

Both these albums are available on ITunes and Amazon so support the artists and buy!


A Colorado Classic, from Distrakt.

Press Play.

Distrakt "Stereotypes"

One of the best albums of the 21st century, of the 20th century, of the 22nd century, ever. GET IT!

Oh and if you have one of these you are a G...


Distrakt "Fire Escape" (From the album "DISTRAKTIONS")


Press Play.

This is exciting. Dent is a veteran MC who always brings his good vibes with him to the booth. And Noel Zancanella is kind of a big deal, from the legacy of The Creeping Ear (Radio 1190), to his professional work producing and engineering for prominent artists all the way from Raashan Ahmad to Nelly (hearsay, we heard he engineered some joints for G-Unit too).

Anyways peep the video above for a sneak preview of the new Dent, including footage of him recording a new song called "Earthquakin".


Dent ft. D.O. and Sol Powa "Just Ride" (prod. by Sol Powa)

(Taken from Dent's most recent release, Confi-Dent, Available for Free Download)

It's bad enough that dope Hip Hop artists have to give their work away for free in '09, what is worse is if the you all don't cop all these free gems lingering around the internets!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Press Play.

You don't have to agree with him about Hip Hop, even though he definitely loves Hip Hop way more than a lot of young "fans" out there criticizing and categorizing and hating on the "mainstream".

The point is, The President of The United States is a Hip Hop Head! A Real Hip Hop Head!


Our favorite part is when he says "American Gangster", followed by "the biggest thing I am worried about in Hip Hop is the materialism."

Its good to hear him talk about the issues WE care about here at The Report. Obama!


Press Play.

Iman S. "Dada Day"

(This Dada Day tracks goes HARD. We are really feeling this beat and Iman S's flow. Real nice.)

TCRR: Whats your name, what do you do, and where are you from?

IMAN S: My name is Iman S. "for Saks 5th ; cause you might see me there!"
im a celeb. clothing stylist, CEO of No Halftime Inc. & No Halftime Records

TCRR: And where do you live now?

IMAN S: In Denver.....

TCRR: Describe your music...

IMAN S: to be honest i've never tried to describe my music! but i Would say IM a true DENVER artist. I dont have a WESTCOAST, DOWN SOUTH, OR EASTCOAST flow...its a mixture of all with a soulful twist!....i'll let the people listening to me describe my music for me.....

TCRR: Can you tell us about your involvement in the fashion industry and some of the success you have had so far?

IMAN S: oh yeah! well i've always had a knack for fashion, from being fly my whole but; in addition to the retail of our own No Halftime gear.. I have been blessed enough to Open FASHION WEEK in NEW YORK, were i was the exc. assistant and liason for the whole event! and through that ive been able to build a number of connections that im still in contact with till this day!

TCRR: How did you get started rapping?

IMAN S: Well i never wanted to rap really i just wanted to be but unfortanutely my main artist that I was going to put out went to jail! rather than just give up i figured somebody out there would like what i have to say.....and i was just sick of the state of hip hop and how Denver artist are precived so i wanted to show how we get down.

TCRR: Can you tell us about No Halftime Inc and how that business ties into your Music?

IMAN S: YES, No Halftime Inc. is the company, we do club and party promotion, modeling, &
fashion consulting. No Halftime Records is just another subsidiary under the NHT umbrella.......

TCRR: You sent over some dope music, we are really feeling it, who produced these cuts?

IMAN S: THANK YOU, THANK YOU! well there all from differnt katz...i usual keep my door open to anything hot! but the tracks i sent you, were from some dude called swollen drums, and the other i think is 4rm a dude jonny j.

TCRR: I see you have done some work with Tone Skarfo, how did you guys link up?

IMAN S: AWH yeah well Skarfo is my dude! we met about a year ago through my big bro's cousin...and every since then he has been one of the people who has really guided me through these Rap Ropes

TCRR: Who are some rappers in your peer group that you get inspiration from these days?

IMAN S: well no disrespect to anyone i work with personaly; but i dont look to anyone but Kanye! thats the only dude who can fuck with me right now! Im a swagg rapper not a MC so I feel like only other persons whos swagg can hold a candel to ya boy is

TCRR: What is your favorite song and album that you have done?

IMAN S: well as of now this is my 1st CD relase so this is my Fav. my baby! but my fav. song would have to be "who what why where" i think i spazzed on that .

TCRR: What are some past projects that you have your hand in, that you are real proud of?

IMAN S: well like i said im still new in this so im just happy to be picking up steam the way i im just proud of our over all progress.

TCRR: What are some upcoming projects that you have your hand in, that you are real proud of?

IMAN S: my new cd THE PARKHILL LOGO and im working on a album now....

TCRR: Who are some Colorado artists that you would like to give a shout out to or just give props to?

IMAN S: Tone Skarfo of course! um Dj Quote, Kajmir Royale, Furi ,my whole No Halftime crew! I like Spade to! his voice is so RAW.....AND ANYBODY WHO SHOWS ME LOVE......OH YEAH AND MY HATERS!...LOL

TCRR: Can you tell us what the future holds for Iman S and No Halftime Inc?

i have alot of ventures in progress, not only with No Halftime but as well with my FLY SOCIETY THAT IM SIGNED TO......the MILLION DOLLAR BABY SOCIETY......we jsut got a hat deal with New ERA and the hats are in stores now so imma eat but na check em out MYSPACE.COM/SWAGGEROFSWAGG


Iman S. "Fa Sho"

Iman S. "I'm Ill"


Figure we'd put our own stamp on the Inauga Blaugging.

And what we got for Obama that is unique out here? The Mile High Monologue!

Check out Part 1 if you weren't already there.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Shout out to the OG Selector Sam. Who plays drums on this project.

If you aren't up on Cowboy Zac this dude is like Colorado's very own Beck. Only probably more talented (yes). His Myspace music is one thing but seeing him in person just playing music for fun, at some house party is imperative.

Anyways these two guys and Rapper Lundy are going to be landing on Earth soon and upon impact we expect them to go on tour, and make much monies, and sell many records.

We will update you upon entry into Earth's atmosphere.


Peace and Blessings. Give Thanks.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Big ups to 3OH!3 for giving us a legitimate reason to cover B.O.B. Lol.

Also shout out to Yung Drew for beating us at our own exclusive here in Colorado. Damn. Lol.

Also shout out to HISIDER, a frequent contributor to The Report who was at the show last night taking notes. As follows.

"-Im a the b.o.b. Show dude is dope as hell. Hes opening for 3oh!3 the gothic is sold out

-He's doing that we got haters song 3oh!3 ran out and rocked with him

-Crowd surfing doing in the sky.

-So B.O.B. just came back out with a astronaut suit on and freestyled with 3oh!3 the shits ill.

-Sean from 3oh!3 rocks the show in joggin shorts... I THINK I SAW HIS COIN PURSE...LOL."

Thanks HISIDER! And here is some video from the show courtesy of Yung Drew!

Original Story from Yung Drew

Also we were going to post the video for "I'll Be In The Sky" by B.O.B. but decided against it because its not really Colorado.


Check this out.

Wake Your Daughter Up is a dope blog that goes real deep on all sorts of Hip Hop knowledge both past and present and future.

For those that don't know, the homie that operates this website has a lot of love and respect for Colorado Hip Hop, as is exemplified by this interview he did with Whygee.

Wake Your Daughter Up Interviews Whygee

Check it out and make sure you add to the ever growing comment section!

Also: Whygee & Sunkenstate "The Suicide Watch" is #39 on the CMJ Hip Hop Chart!


Download DJ Dylon's Final Basementalism @ Basementalism Podcast

Dude brings it with a lot of obscure cuts and bonafide classics, as always. Make sure you check the archive at Basementalism Podcast and check out some of the past work he has done.

"If you dont know by know, I, DJ Dylon, am going to be leaving Basementalism Radio this month.

I have been there 5 years now, and I have been a DJ on the show for over 3 Years.

Anyways, this Saturday the 20th I am going to be broadcasting my FINAL Basementalism set.

Thank You to all those who know whats up and to those who don't YOU SLEPT.

I'm going to keep it in the realm of music that means a lot to me this Saturday, so get to know your Dylon a little better and tune in...



1190 AM

and if you miss it



DJ Dylon aka Kid Hum"

Check out this youtube video of his last DJ set at Basementalism! Its a Family Affair! LOL.

Did Alchemist sample Jay-Z's song? Crazy...

Bonus: The Complete DJ Dylon Mixtape Series, or, Download DJ Dylon Mixtapes Individually...


Basementalism's rising star went IN on the decks last weekend. He provided us with a link to his DJ set, as well as a playlist for the skeptics. (below).

Listen to Cool Hand Luke @ Basementalism's Podcast

"The playl​ist for my set is as follo​ws:​

1. The Stair​steps​ "​Throw​in stone​s atcha​"​
2. Pigeo​n John "​Decep​tion"​
3. Nappy​ Roots​ "On My Way to Georg​ia"​
4. Peopl​e Under​ the Stair​s "​Step Bacc"​ Instr​ument​al (Dj Day Remix​)​
5. Gangs​tarr "​Code of the Stree​ts"​
6. Metho​d Man and Redma​n "​Tear It Off" (​Drum Broth​ers Remix​)​
7. SP "​Carib​bean Inter​lude Instr​ument​al"​
8. Peopl​e Under​ the Stair​s "​Refle​ction​s"​
9. Mos Def "​Trave​ling Man" feat DJ Honda​
10. Time Machi​ne "​Cold Day in Hell"​
11. Ugly Duckl​ing "​Abiga​il Silk"​
11. Ugly Duckl​ing " I Won'​t Let It Die"
12. Nujab​es feat Subst​antia​l "​Bless​ing It" (​Remix​)​
13. Zeph and Azeem​ "​Make Your Brain​ Swing​"​
14. Crown​ City Rocke​rs "​Heat"​
15. Evide​nce feat The Alche​mist "So Fresh​ - Step Broth​ers"​
16. Da Bush Babee​s "The Love Song"​


Bonus: DJ Cysko Rokwel on Basementalism

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Press Play

The Colorado Casuals "Its Denver" (Produced by Jonny Brasko)

Shout out to G.Rhae for sending this over.

"The CasualS originated back in 1966 when 4 primos and one close homie started what was originally a band. The Original CasualS were: Adolph and Mack Jaramillo, Gary Howell, Manuel and David Apodaca. Their love of music went hand in hand with their love for cars. David Apodaca the original President started their annual cruise called “the Annual Manuel” after his brother to reflect both the love of cruising and more importantly the love of Family."

Damn, that's whats up!

Read more about them @ The Colorado Casuals on Myspace

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Big ups to Kid Hum for sending this over. Ichiban holding it down for 8 weeks in a row now. Whygee & Sunkenstate debuts at #39. Dope.

12218ILLA JYancey BoysDelicious Vinyl
2682588-KEYSThe Death Of AdamDecon
341234EVIDENCEThe Layover [EP]Decon
43438AZEEMAir CartoonsOaklyn
5--51COMMONUniversal Mind ControlGeffen
611116MURSMurs For PresidentWarner Bros.
753212JAKE ONEWhite Van MusicRhymesayers
8121485Q-TIPThe RenaissanceUniversal Motown
974073KANYE WEST808's And HeartbreakDef Jam
1091197THE KNUXRemind Me In 3 DaysE Pluribus Unum
111018104NOW ONTomorrow AlreadyA-Side Worldwide
1216958KABOOSEExcuse MeSyntax
1385310MIGHTY UNDERDOGSDroppin' Science FictionDefinitive Jux
1437-142PROBLEMADDICTSDark Side Of OzMystika Music
152132154BSTCMusic For A Saturday Evening EPAll Natural
172231175TITTSWORTHTwelve StepsPlant Music
181527154MC FRONTALOTFinal BossLevel Up
1927-192LET GOTomorrow Handles ThatThe Let Go
201828184GRIEVES AND BUDO88 Keys And CountingBlack Clover
22-39223JEDI MIND TRICKSA History Of ViolenceBabygrande
23--231T.I.Paper TrailGrand Hustle
242330235MOKA ONLYCarrots And EggsUrbnet
2533-252WU-TANG CLANWU: The Story Of The Wu-Tang ClanLoud House
26-26263BLACK MILKTronicFat Beats
2720-202LUDACRISTheater Of The MindDisturbing Tha Peace-Def Jam South
282516168ICHIBANPsycle AnalysisLife
29--291MC YOGIElephant PowerWhite Swan
30-191312JOSH MARTINEZThe World Famous Sex BuffetCamoBear
31--311BLAME ONEDays Chasing DaysSoulspazm
32--314JOHNSON AND JONSONJohnson And JonsonTres
333210510ROOTS MANUVASlime And ReasonBig Dada
3434-245NEW JACK HUSTLESound CheckTres
3536-352TERMANOLOGYPolitics As UsualNature Sounds-ST
36--175FORT KNOX FIVERadio Free D.C.Fort Knox
3714648STREETSEverything Is BorrowedVice
38-21209YO! MAJESTY Futuristically Speaking... Never Be AfraidDomino
39--391WHYGEE AND SUNKEN STATESuicide WatchFossil Fuel Music

That Illa J deserves the number one spot on the strength of that All Good cut alone. But enough about that. This is the Colorado Rap Report.

(That Album Cover up top, is the New Joint, for the Non-Digital/Re-Release. Of The Suicide Watch EP.)