Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We've been waiting to cop this for awhile now, especially after the release of the music video for "Holding On".

So we were pleased when Mr. J digitally released "Friends Enemies Apples Apples" a week early on his website.


Press Play.

Mr. J Medeiros ft. Tara Ellis "Children"

The album kicks off with the song "Children" ft. Tara Ellis. This entire album is laced with that 1,000,000 dollar sound, provided by producer Stro The 89th Key. We are immediately reintroduced to that heavy staccato bass stab of Stro's, as well as some staccato strings, and the subtle use of bells and choirs. This song has me excited to listen to the whole album.

"Last Stars" is more reserved, as if maybe it were the shadow of its predecessor. This creates a good effect though, as within the first two tracks the album already feels incredibly deep and contemplative, as well as varied.

"My Own" continues to take the album on a genre-spanning Hip Hop journey, bringing in elements of Carribbean music and Arena Rock. It also has some jazz guitar, and for the third consecutive song some acoustic strings. The song is slightly more militant in its lyricism and demeanor than the previous two, and showcases a more angrier, in your face side of Mr. J's rap.

"Brutus" is probably easily the hottest song on the album for the beat alone, this is the one that is gonna get The Fox Theatre on their feet. J takes it back with his Rhyme style, and lyrically goes in on some Procussions-esque spiritual type flows.

The album ends with "The Balance", which also features Tara Ellis. Tara Ellis holds it down on 4-5 songs on this album, including my favorite ("Holding On"). The musical chemistry between the two is apparent, and coupled with the classic Stro/Mr.J production team makes for most of the highlights on the album.

I have realized that this new album from Mr. J Medeiros displays a maturity, as he has grown into a much more versatile Rapper on this new album. There is a lot more focus on himself (The "I") and the people (The "We") than there was on his previous album which had a lot of storytelling ("The You").

Cop the album and check out the rest of the songs!!



Mr. J Medeiros "Brutus"

Mr. J Medeiros ft. Tara Ellis "The Balance"

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