Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tom is on vacation, so i'm gonna edit TCRR for a few weeks. Pardon the ugliness.

Songs of The Colorado Rap Report Vol. 3 coming soon.


1. 3 The Hardway ft. Rakaa Iriscience "Truth"

2. B Blacc "Clap"

3. Concept Oner "Got What You Need"

4. Deca "White China"

5. Deca "Movement"

6. Diamond Boiz "The Vista (I Got Mine)"

7. Dyalekt ft. Lil Ceej "Polish My Wings"

8. Es Nine "For Granted"

9. Es Nine "Carnival Ride"

10. Infinite Mindz ft. Nation "Money"

11. Innerstate Ike "Colorado Rockies Hat"

12. Karma & F.O.E. "Perfect Timing"

13. Karma & F.O.E. "Tic Toc"

14. Mr. J Medeiros "Holding On"

15. Sid Fly "Twistin Up"

16. Sunkenstate & Naeem Oba ft. Goodknight "Keep It"

17. Sunkenstate "Defeciency"

18. The Main Course ft. Joulz IL "Be Easy"

19. The Reminders "Outside My Window"

20. Xperiment & DJ Idull ft. Bionik Brown "The DJ in 2023"

21. Whygee & Sunkenstate ft. Gyp Da Hipp "Druggernaut"

22. Whygee & Sunkenstate ft. Naeem Oba, Charley Brand, Kid Hum "In A Rut"


  1. Who the fuck is Tom? You mean kid hum?

  2. How the he'll is there not a FreshBreath Committee track on here or a Food Chain track?? Shitty.

  3. cause they aint given us a track all year to post on our blog...


    if we had even one official leak from FBC or Foodchain best believe it would be on our comp

    so holler at them , not us, cause we aint gotten SHIT


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