Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Coming soon, exclusive music from 3 The Hardway, but for now, come see this all star trio of Hip Hoppers live in concert at one of the following events!

If you haven't ever seen 3 The Hardway, you should really support, and we'll tell you why.

All sorts of know nothing fans will shell out dollar dollar bills all day to bring out groups from the east coast, complete with 3 hype men, a prop DJ who does nothing, etc...

At the same time, here in Colorado, we have a group that centers its live performance around their champion DJ, Cysko Rokwel, who is constantly adding live scratches, who is constantly changing the beat live on two turntables, and who is given two showcases to do his Battle Routines every time 3 The Hardway takes the stage.

Everybody talks about Real Hip Hop, but when Rock the Bells or Paid Dues comes to town I don't see ONE artist on stage who is doing anything as REAL as what these cats are doing. You've all seen it before, east coast rapper will stop the show half way through and give his "who is the backbone of the culture?" speech, before introducing ass DJ who will do a few body tricks, in addition to a wick-wack juggle of "It Takes Two".


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