Monday, October 27, 2008

Emily McLean "Man on Fire"

This is the lead single from Emily McLean's upcoming EP.

After we posted 1865's music on our blog last week, we hit him up and he promptly steered us in the direction of this young vocalist from Brooklyn, who is scheduled to record the EP at the beginning of the year, and have it pressed for a European tour next summer.

1865 reps Lafayette, CO, and is out in San Francisco currently. He is someone we look forward to keeping our eyes and ears on.

You can visit Emily McLean's Myspace Page to preview more music from the upcoming EP, entirely produced and co-written by 1865.

We are really feeling the way they put this one together, with 1865 writing the lyrics to "Man on Fire" and Emily McLean performing them over his production.


  1. sounds really good! i've heard 1865's hip hop stuff in the bay so it's pretty kool he is involved in R&B to. i like! two thumbs up;)

  2. Its a good representation of skill on many different levels. Creativity mixed with something original is just what ears need in this day and age (even if they dont know it yet). Keep the wheel turn'n!!