Friday, October 24, 2008


Everybody knows Judge, that's because for over 6 years he has been the host of Basementalism Radio. He has probably interviewed you.

Anyways, after paying more than enough dues, the voice of Basementalism is finally moving on up (at least in pay scale), as he has now landed a job at KTCL, 93.3.

Next stop Sportcenter? We'd put money on it.

Offical Statement from Judgemental:

That's right folks, check me out tomorrow morning from 6-10 AM on 93.3's Saturday morning program First Trax with Ralphie where we'll be playing tons of hip hop for all you early rising riders and skiers making the commute up to the mountains. This show is pretty ill, Ralphie's been working hard to incorporate more hip hop into the playlists over at 93.3 and I am more than happy to jump on board and help him fight the good fight!

Then, once your run is over you can hop back into your car and fix the dial on 1190am at 4pm - 7pm for Basementalism, 3hours of commercial free underground hip hop.

That's right folks, 7 hours of your boy Judge babbling in your speaker all day tomorrow!!

For those that are out of range and need their fix online go here for First Trax on 93.3 from 6-10 MST:

Then go here for Basementalism on 1190 4-7 MST: Radio 1190

Thank you for the support!


Judgemental has already informed us that he is going to be fighting the good fight indeed, dropping underground heat like Bun B's "Damn Im Cold" on the air. Stay tuned.

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