Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Our friends Sid Fly and Rob G over at Out Tha Box TV have been doing some major things for a long time.

Whether they are conducting guerrila style interviews with big ticket rappers, dipping their hand into local politics and local competition, or simply rolling a blunt with Redman, you can always expect big things to happen when Out Tha Box TV is involved. (Too Short And Naked Chicks?)

Includes on this list of big things of course is their long standing efforts to gain network syndication and broadcast their half hour television show as often as possible, directly into YOUR household.

These days Out Tha Box TV is broadcasting on Ion Television, a television station which is a widely available on cable providers such as Comcast.

Out Tha Box TV airs every other Wednesday at 10:30 PM, right after Boston Legal actually.


Blunt Rap Review

(To find out which channel ION TELEVISION is on CLICK HERE.)

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