Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"Move Your Beats"

"Producer Battle"

"That Al Green"

"Bass Solo"



"Beat Master"

Kid Hum on Myspace

stay tuned...


Press Play.

chumpsin pink

If you know Whygee you knows he stays in constant pursuit of a studio session. Like the late great 2Pac, Whygee is one of those Rappers who is always busy adding songs to his catalog. Not one to put quantity above quality though, this Colorado MC is easily one of our favorite Rappers here at The Report.

Rest assured we will keep you up on all future moves this cat makes. In the meantime you can download Whygee's official mixtape, Hype Killz, for FREE.

(Whygee is performing live almost every day for the next month, you can check out his concert calendar by visting his Myspace page)


DJ Cysko Rokwel (Crunk Brothers/3 The Hardway/Basementalism)

Bonus Cysko

The Crunk Brothers are like the fuckin Allies or Beat Junkies of Colorado.

Their crew consists of DJ Discord, DJ Tense, DJ Thought, DJ Mier, DJ Shake, DJ Es Nine, and DJ Cysko Rokwel...


Coming soon, exclusive music from 3 The Hardway, but for now, come see this all star trio of Hip Hoppers live in concert at one of the following events!

If you haven't ever seen 3 The Hardway, you should really support, and we'll tell you why.

All sorts of know nothing fans will shell out dollar dollar bills all day to bring out groups from the east coast, complete with 3 hype men, a prop DJ who does nothing, etc...

At the same time, here in Colorado, we have a group that centers its live performance around their champion DJ, Cysko Rokwel, who is constantly adding live scratches, who is constantly changing the beat live on two turntables, and who is given two showcases to do his Battle Routines every time 3 The Hardway takes the stage.

Everybody talks about Real Hip Hop, but when Rock the Bells or Paid Dues comes to town I don't see ONE artist on stage who is doing anything as REAL as what these cats are doing. You've all seen it before, east coast rapper will stop the show half way through and give his "who is the backbone of the culture?" speech, before introducing ass DJ who will do a few body tricks, in addition to a wick-wack juggle of "It Takes Two".



Some of you may be surprised to learn that DJ Vajra is also a sick producer, and that he bangs out some of the hottest beats in Colorado.

Check out Vajra Beats.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


After two huge performances in China and at the DMC World Championships in London, DJ Vajra is back in Colorado.

We'll hit you with the footage from the DMC when it leaks, but for now check out Colorado's very own DJ Vajra as he cuts it up with the legendary DJ Qbert.

Bonus Video "The Funky Drummer"

Also check out DJ Vajra's Podcast.

Monday, October 27, 2008

1865 "I Am Gangster I Am Monkey"

Press Play.

From the Sodium Girl EP.

Emily McLean "Man on Fire"

This is the lead single from Emily McLean's upcoming EP.

After we posted 1865's music on our blog last week, we hit him up and he promptly steered us in the direction of this young vocalist from Brooklyn, who is scheduled to record the EP at the beginning of the year, and have it pressed for a European tour next summer.

1865 reps Lafayette, CO, and is out in San Francisco currently. He is someone we look forward to keeping our eyes and ears on.

You can visit Emily McLean's Myspace Page to preview more music from the upcoming EP, entirely produced and co-written by 1865.

We are really feeling the way they put this one together, with 1865 writing the lyrics to "Man on Fire" and Emily McLean performing them over his production.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Kid Hum dropped this song in our inbox last week, and its been on rewind ever since.

Its been featured on better blogs than ours, so we'll let you read what THEY had to say.



Produced by Kid Hum

Written by 1865


For those of you who don't know about Samir, he has been putting it down a LONG time here in Colorado.

First, as a member of the Accumen, and now as one half of The Reminders with MC Aja Black.

So now they got this new album out, ReCollect, but we've said too much already, lets let them take it from here.


Everybody knows Judge, that's because for over 6 years he has been the host of Basementalism Radio. He has probably interviewed you.

Anyways, after paying more than enough dues, the voice of Basementalism is finally moving on up (at least in pay scale), as he has now landed a job at KTCL, 93.3.

Next stop Sportcenter? We'd put money on it.

Offical Statement from Judgemental:

That's right folks, check me out tomorrow morning from 6-10 AM on 93.3's Saturday morning program First Trax with Ralphie where we'll be playing tons of hip hop for all you early rising riders and skiers making the commute up to the mountains. This show is pretty ill, Ralphie's been working hard to incorporate more hip hop into the playlists over at 93.3 and I am more than happy to jump on board and help him fight the good fight!

Then, once your run is over you can hop back into your car and fix the dial on 1190am at 4pm - 7pm for Basementalism, 3hours of commercial free underground hip hop.

That's right folks, 7 hours of your boy Judge babbling in your speaker all day tomorrow!!

For those that are out of range and need their fix online go here for First Trax on 93.3 from 6-10 MST:

Then go here for Basementalism on 1190 4-7 MST: Radio 1190

Thank you for the support!


Judgemental has already informed us that he is going to be fighting the good fight indeed, dropping underground heat like Bun B's "Damn Im Cold" on the air. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


DJ BMoney of Basementalism hit me up about this shit. For those of you who don't know about BE STREETWEAR, they are a clothing company and they make dope shit like the RUN 303 SHIRT.

They don't just make good clothes, they keep good company. KANZ of BNA and KD will be doing live art, DJ BMONEY of BASEMENTALISM will hold down the music, and BREAK EFX will be performing as well.



I heard about this from Troy at Streetside Studios. His organization is throwing this event on November 1st, at Manhattan Middle School in Boulder, CO. It kicks off at 7 PM and tickets can be bought at Streetside Studios or at the door.

Break EFX will be performing at this event.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BreakEFX Performance Reel

If you have never seen Colorado's Best Dance Crew in person here is a preview.

Some more BreakEFX.


Come out this Friday and rock with Maneline as they release their brand new album, "& Sew Its Seams".

Listen to the lead single off of the album.

"Good and Bad" ft. O.N.E. (Infinite Mindz).


This is a heater from Ichiban's new album Psycle Analysis.

Along with "A Day in the Life", "Twenty-Two", "St@rfI$#", and "In My Arms" this is one of our favorite songs off the album.

Check it out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What's good Colorado?

- First of all big ups to Colorado's Best Dance Crew, BREAK EFX!

If you don't know about BREAK EFX, you can learn a little bit about them by reading this article about them in the Denver Post.

Props to Quibian Salazar-Moreno, Colorado's premier journalist, for doing some press on these dope B-Boys and B-Girls.

- Colorado's own 1865 is working hard on some new material, after the successful release of his SODIUM GIRL EP earlier this year.

Click Here to listen to "Men From Space" produced by Kid Hum

Bangthebox feature on "Men From Space"

This is a Rap Report exclusive, and the title track off the EP coming soon from 1865 and Kid Hum.

You can hear more stuff from these guys, including a brand new 1865 song produced by DAN LE SAC, by clicking on the links below.

Kid Hum Myspace

1865 Myspace

- Also, Rapper/Producer/Karate Champion Ichiban has just released his debut album, Psycle Analysis.

You can listen to some songs off the album on Ichiban's Myspace Page.

You can also check out pictures from his album release party while you are there.

- Speaking of album release parties, after a slight delay, Maneline (Mane Rok, DJ Tense, Inkline), is set to release their second LP on October 24th.

The album is titled "& Sew Its Seams".

The group is holding an Album Release Party October 24th, at the Oriental Theatre between 44th and Sheridan and 44th and Federal.

If you remember the release party they threw for "And Til Then", you know it will be a major event.

DJ's have been throwing songs off the album in the mix on Basementalism for the last couple months so if you have been paying attention you know this album is pumpin.