Sunday, January 18, 2009


Big ups to 3OH!3 for giving us a legitimate reason to cover B.O.B. Lol.

Also shout out to Yung Drew for beating us at our own exclusive here in Colorado. Damn. Lol.

Also shout out to HISIDER, a frequent contributor to The Report who was at the show last night taking notes. As follows.

"-Im a the b.o.b. Show dude is dope as hell. Hes opening for 3oh!3 the gothic is sold out

-He's doing that we got haters song 3oh!3 ran out and rocked with him

-Crowd surfing doing in the sky.

-So B.O.B. just came back out with a astronaut suit on and freestyled with 3oh!3 the shits ill.

-Sean from 3oh!3 rocks the show in joggin shorts... I THINK I SAW HIS COIN PURSE...LOL."

Thanks HISIDER! And here is some video from the show courtesy of Yung Drew!

Original Story from Yung Drew

Also we were going to post the video for "I'll Be In The Sky" by B.O.B. but decided against it because its not really Colorado.


  1. I love B.O.B. and you're just going to have to deal with that CO Rap Report.

  2. I doubt you love B.O.B. as much as I do Samantha. :-)

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