Sunday, January 18, 2009


Download DJ Dylon's Final Basementalism @ Basementalism Podcast

Dude brings it with a lot of obscure cuts and bonafide classics, as always. Make sure you check the archive at Basementalism Podcast and check out some of the past work he has done.

"If you dont know by know, I, DJ Dylon, am going to be leaving Basementalism Radio this month.

I have been there 5 years now, and I have been a DJ on the show for over 3 Years.

Anyways, this Saturday the 20th I am going to be broadcasting my FINAL Basementalism set.

Thank You to all those who know whats up and to those who don't YOU SLEPT.

I'm going to keep it in the realm of music that means a lot to me this Saturday, so get to know your Dylon a little better and tune in...



1190 AM

and if you miss it



DJ Dylon aka Kid Hum"

Check out this youtube video of his last DJ set at Basementalism! Its a Family Affair! LOL.

Did Alchemist sample Jay-Z's song? Crazy...

Bonus: The Complete DJ Dylon Mixtape Series, or, Download DJ Dylon Mixtapes Individually...

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