Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Press Play.

Iman S. "Dada Day"

(This Dada Day tracks goes HARD. We are really feeling this beat and Iman S's flow. Real nice.)

TCRR: Whats your name, what do you do, and where are you from?

IMAN S: My name is Iman S. "for Saks 5th ; cause you might see me there!"
im a celeb. clothing stylist, CEO of No Halftime Inc. & No Halftime Records

TCRR: And where do you live now?

IMAN S: In Denver.....

TCRR: Describe your music...

IMAN S: to be honest i've never tried to describe my music! but i Would say IM a true DENVER artist. I dont have a WESTCOAST, DOWN SOUTH, OR EASTCOAST flow...its a mixture of all with a soulful twist!....i'll let the people listening to me describe my music for me.....

TCRR: Can you tell us about your involvement in the fashion industry and some of the success you have had so far?

IMAN S: oh yeah! well i've always had a knack for fashion, from being fly my whole life...lol but; in addition to the retail of our own No Halftime gear.. I have been blessed enough to Open FASHION WEEK in NEW YORK, were i was the exc. assistant and liason for the whole event! and through that ive been able to build a number of connections that im still in contact with till this day!

TCRR: How did you get started rapping?

IMAN S: Well i never wanted to rap really i just wanted to be CEO...lol but unfortanutely my main artist that I was going to put out went to jail!....so rather than just give up i figured somebody out there would like what i have to say.....and i was just sick of the state of hip hop and how Denver artist are precived so i wanted to show how we get down.

TCRR: Can you tell us about No Halftime Inc and how that business ties into your Music?

IMAN S: YES, No Halftime Inc. is the company, we do club and party promotion, modeling, &
fashion consulting. No Halftime Records is just another subsidiary under the NHT umbrella.......

TCRR: You sent over some dope music, we are really feeling it, who produced these cuts?

IMAN S: THANK YOU, THANK YOU! well there all from differnt katz...i usual keep my door open to anything hot! but the tracks i sent you, were from some dude called swollen drums, and the other i think is 4rm a dude jonny j.

TCRR: I see you have done some work with Tone Skarfo, how did you guys link up?

IMAN S: AWH yeah well Skarfo is my dude! we met about a year ago through my big bro's cousin...and every since then he has been one of the people who has really guided me through these Rap Ropes

TCRR: Who are some rappers in your peer group that you get inspiration from these days?

IMAN S: well no disrespect to anyone i work with personaly; but i dont look to anyone but Kanye! thats the only dude who can fuck with me right now! Im a swagg rapper not a MC so I feel like only other persons whos swagg can hold a candel to ya boy is him...no homo....lol

TCRR: What is your favorite song and album that you have done?

IMAN S: well as of now this is my 1st CD relase so this is my Fav. my baby!...lol but my fav. song would have to be "who what why where" i think i spazzed on that .

TCRR: What are some past projects that you have your hand in, that you are real proud of?

IMAN S: well like i said im still new in this so im just happy to be picking up steam the way i am...so im just proud of our over all progress.

TCRR: What are some upcoming projects that you have your hand in, that you are real proud of?

IMAN S: my new cd THE PARKHILL LOGO and im working on a album now....

TCRR: Who are some Colorado artists that you would like to give a shout out to or just give props to?

IMAN S: Tone Skarfo of course! um Dj Quote, Kajmir Royale, Furi ,my whole No Halftime crew! I like Spade to! his voice is so RAW.....AND ANYBODY WHO SHOWS ME LOVE......OH YEAH AND MY HATERS!...LOL

TCRR: Can you tell us what the future holds for Iman S and No Halftime Inc?

i have alot of ventures in progress, not only with No Halftime but as well with my FLY SOCIETY THAT IM SIGNED TO......the MILLION DOLLAR BABY SOCIETY......we jsut got a hat deal with New ERA and the hats are in stores now so imma eat regaurdless.....lol but na check em out MYSPACE.COM/SWAGGEROFSWAGG


Iman S. "Fa Sho"

Iman S. "I'm Ill"

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  1. Nice interview, well put well said No Half Time Inc is the "Shit" that comes out.