Monday, January 5, 2009


We wanted to do a feature on Colorado Rapper/Producer PLAYALITICAL, so we hit him up. He recommended an interview, so here it is! Some CO Rap Report exclusives in there so read up!!!


TCRR: Whats your name, what you do, and where are you from?

PLAYALITICAL: Dustin Robbins, Im an economic hitman, music is just one of many games i play. I was born in Denver but raised in Illinois from age 9 to 17. Thats where I got my heart from.

TCRR: And where do you live now?

PLAYALITICAL: In rural Colorado.

TCRR: Describe your music...

PLAYALITICAL: A message inside a message.

TCRR: How did you get started producing and making beats?

PLAYALITICAL: One day when i was 13 i wondered how the rap group "Outkast" was able to mix their voice with a beat and put it on a tape. I went to radioshack and the rest is history.

TCRR: How did you get started rapping?

PLAYALITICAL: I lived in a small but dangerous town where everybody knew me and my friend Mike Schmidt AKA Pimpilitical. He use to freestyle i would make beats. Slowly i wanted to rap too so i started writing songs.

TCRR: I know you used to do a lot of stuff with Spoke In Wordz back in the day, do you have a Crew?

PLAYALITICAL: My crew is more like a Secret Society. Powerfull very powerfull but secret. Hustlers, lawyers, rappers, goons & gorrillas ect ect. Spoke is like a brother to me. As the CEO of IEG i choose to reveal information of our destiny as the destiny to do so manifests.

TCRR: Can you get in to your relationship with Bizzy Bone?

PLAYALITICAL: We both felt like it was a good idea that i produce an album for him from beginning to end. We were gonna do three records that year for "Baby" Cash Money Records. Things didnt work out so we put it out the indie way. We did what we were meant to do and thats it. We dont really keep up wit each other.

TCRR: Who are some producers in your peer group that you get inspiration from these days?

PLAYALITICAL: Ive been in my own world. Nobody fuels my fire anymore. Kanye West's new album "808's and heartbreak" is my fav album right now. Hes in the future of rap which is my main goal as a producer and artist. I'm ANTI 90's. The 90s are over. Everybody needs to stop rapping like Gangstar and Tupac and be themselfs.

TCRR: What is your favorite song and album that you have done?

PLAYALITICAL: Doin It Wrong (feat Bizzy Bone) from my Code Green album. People i look up to in the industry told me "Thats your voice stick with it".

TCRR: What are some past projects that you have your hand in, that you are real proud of?

PLAYALITCAL: Duce Stabs "Im Sooo Screwed" is my fav album ive ever produced for another artist. Only because i let my creativty run wild and i didnt give a fuck what the people were gonna think. It was fun making it but it wasnt my best seller.

TCRR: What are some upcoming projects that you have your hand in, that you are real proud of?

PLAYALITICAL: Get ready here is the list for 2009. You truely are the first one to know this as far as press goes.

Feb 2009- Olinda Cordova "The Triumph"

April 2009 - Playalitical Presents "Denver's Most Wanted Vol 3" feat Tech N9ne, MC Magic to name a few and other Local artist from Colorado.

May 2009 - Playalitical and DJ Chonz Present "Catch The Buzz Vol 3" (its coming out in may because i forecast it will take DJ Chonz at least 2 months to burn the album the way he mixed it and set it on his porch so i can pick it up and release it lol.) He's a busy guy like me so i gotta give him shit. ;)

June 2009 **********Playalitical - Pipe Dreams**********
My best work yet. Feat Juvinile, Fabolous, Daz Dillinger, Domino and more.

July 2009 - Young Droop Presents "Men Of Honor"

August 2009 - Young Droop - "Hot Commodity"

Im also negotiating a deal right now with Krazyie Bone's Thugline Records to realease 5 dvd documentaries and a Krayzie Bone Solo. Either way you should hear me and Krayzie on a few songs really really reallly soon!!

TCRR: Who are some Colorado artists that you would like to give a shout out to or just give props to?

PLAYALITICAL: Interstate Ike and Julox.

TCRR: Can you tell us what the future holds for Playalitical?

PLAYALITICAL: Ive come to the hard realisation that god gave me a gift. I wanted to throw it away so i could get some real money. Theres not much money in music anymore. I have the mind set of a jewish banker nowadays so music money is a joke. Money is a joke period. The bankers are gonna realise that as soon as we go into martial law and the games turns faggot on them. I feel like its a sin to throw my gift away. So im gonna continue recording and marketing music even if nobody buys it.

(TCRR: Big thanks to Playalitical for taking the time out to answer these questions. We really enjoyed his answers, he is a sharp dude.)

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