Saturday, June 6, 2009


Modern Times (school shootings and botox) is the 3rd CD in a Trilogy from the Parkhill Shortbus.


Press Play.

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Jagzilla, Chinch33, & Shmeeze "Please Have Mercy"

Please Have Mercy: This song has a great beat. Parkhill Shortbus, like Ichiban, love to surround themselves in rich & complex harmonies.

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Geezle Shakti, Shmeeze & Ichiban: "12 Step Program"

12 Step Program: This beat is reminiscent of the mid 90's Lord Finesse sound, with horror movie soundtrack thematics, and a crystal clear drum break as the backbone.

Ichiban throws down an lyrically goes into the "School Shootings" section of the album title. I had to rewind it a few times, definitely one of the best "Modern Times" verses I have heard. Make sure he listen the whole way through so you can hear him go off, you'll be glad you did.

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Geezle, Shmeeze, Ichiban, & Chinch33 "Pen Game Savage"

Pen Game Savage: another classic beat. Probably my favorite beat on this album hands down. It really brings the best out of all these rappers too. Nice hook too.

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Chinch33, Shmeeze, Geezle, & Jagzilla "Unreal"

Unreal: This song starts out with a sample of a schizophrenic man being interviewed. The beat is of a different style then what we have heard so far, but it is a welcome change. The Hook, and the melody that goes with it are the dope

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Ichiban, Geezle, & Shmeeze "Enemies"

Enemies: This track utiilzes a sample from Kanye West's "Love Lockdown", before launching into a full on rap assault from Ichiban, Geezle, & Shmeeze. Definitely that futuristic funk.

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Shmeeze, Chinch33, Jagzilla, & Acylum "Sliver Spoon"

Sliver Spoon: Another Ill Beat.

Like all the Parkhill Shortbus mixtapes, the whole thing is peppered with hilarious skits, the type you get when the homies keep a sampler close enough at all times to ensure they can properly transmit their laughter to tape.

Most of this was produced by Yonnas, who is by far one of the most talented producers and all around hip hop artists in Colorado. Hands down.

The executive production by Shmeeze was very good, and gave the album some comic relief as well as a cinematic feel.

This is also my favorite of all 3 CD's in the Trilogy.

Dope shit.

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  1. woooooooord up! yo thanks again for all the love and support you have shown.... its funny because everybody who has reviewed the album has a diffrent favorite disc, and a diffrent favorite rapper and song.. it was nice to see your view.. you did a great job. im glad you enjoyed the album.. keep doing what you do and we will keep you posted on the new project..