Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Early Withdrawl (the improper use of a condom) is the 1st CD in a Trilogy from the Parkhill Shortbus.

Parkhill Shortbus consists of Ichiban, Jagwire aka Jagzilla, Chinch33, Shmeeze, Geezle, Suntonio Bandananas, Basti MC, Jam C, Uzi, Odyo, Dime, BeeDeeBeyond, Yonnas, Emine Bahar, Any 1, Acylum, Stan Riley, and many others not featured on this mixtape. Yes, they are a big group of Rappers.


Here are our thoughts on a few of the standout tracks.

Press Play.

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Ichiban, Shmeeze, Jagzilla, Geezle, & Chinch33 "Two Comma Kids"

TWO COMMA KIDS: Man this song is the shit, Zapp & Roger would be proud. This should be on the radio. The beats is dope, the hook is on rewind, I would love to see the youtube video of this song when it was being recorded.

Parkhill Shortbus really came correct with this one, this is classic material right here.

Real Hip Hop.

FREEDOM: This is a chill song, with a touch of R & B. Very "we are the worldy" , but in a good way. All the Rappers come correct. And the overall production is very nice.

Probably my favorite verse on the album from Geezle, who is starting 5 on this Triple CD. The beat is ill too.

At times this CD also drops bits and pieces of schizophrenia on the listener in the form of bizarre skits/interuludes. Stay tuned for the 2nd and 3rd installments of this Triple CD from The Parkhill Shortbus.


The Parkhill Shortbus ft. Geezle, Emine Bahar, Ichiban, & Shmeeze "Freedom"

The Parkhill Shortbus ft. Geezle Shakti "What's Wrong With Me?"


  1. you know shmeeze and yonnas made this project right? why no love for them? personally i think the trilogy is a masterpiece and i think the artist that made it happen deserve credit.. shmeeze is murdering shit all over the all3 discs and yonnas produced 90 percent of the beats for the trilogy.. including the dopest beats outs of the bunch by far.. shmeeze also executive produced the entire trilogy and did the interludes. ive asked them if they have read your reviews and they said yes and they think they have been positive..so im not speaking for them because i know they dont care. but i find your review bias and unobservant. i dont think you know shit about the parkhillshortbus and that directly reflects in your writing.. its obvious you ride certain penis do to a lack of knowledge of the whole picture.. step your game up

  2. tell em about what?

  3. parkhill shortbus are the kings of denver ! The french doggies are good too . This is a classic album. À murder

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