Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Friendly Fire (smiling faces and nasty teeth) is the 2nd CD in a Trilogy from the Parkhill Shortbus.


Press Play.

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Deca "White China"

Out of all the albums in this Trilogy this one has the most disturbing and fucked up interludes, and the laughter is now kinda nervous, and shifty-eyed.

Somoli Pirate Pep Juice: Finally on the 2nd CD OG Shortbus MC Deca makes his first appearance, on the aptly titled Somoli Pirate. Song is worth listening to just to hear his contribution towards the end. Nasty.

White China: Solo Deca, enough said. My favorite song on this album hands down. Fans of The Hedonist will want to get their hands on this one.

Time In A Day In The Life: Classic Parkhill Shortbus/Ichiban style of production, rich complex harmony, Ichi kills it. Comes complete with some great cuts and scratches courtesy of a mystery DJ. If you like this type of song make sure you cop Ichiban's solo LP from 2008, "Psycle Analysis".

Good shit, stay tuned for Pt. 3


Parkhill Shortbus ft. Geezle Shakti, Shmeeze, Ichiban, Deca "Somoli Pirate Pep Juice"

Parkhill Shortbus ft. Shmeeze, Ichiban "Time in a Day in the Life"


  1. again i see the same thing when reading this review.. im new to this blog but i can assure you i will not be returning here. it turns out you have no clue what your talking about so again i will post the same comment as i did in your last ignorant review.. it would be a lot easier to review music if you had any clue as to what you were talking about your lack of knowledge and taste is embarrassing. you know shmeeze and yonnas made this project right? why no love for them? personally i think the trilogy is a masterpiece and i think the artist that made it happen deserve credit.. shmeeze is murdering shit all over the all3 discs and yonnas produced 90 percent of the beats for the trilogy.. including the dopest beats outs of the bunch by far.. shmeeze also executive produced the entire trilogy and did the interludes. ive asked them if they have read your reviews and they said yes and they think they have been positive..i disagree with them .so im not speaking for them because i know they dont care. but i find your review bias and unobservant. i dont think you know shit about the parkhill shortbus and that directly reflects in your writing.. its obvious you ride certain penis do to a lack of knowledge of the whole picture.. step your game up

  2. its impossible trying to speak with those too stupid to understand.. this being a classic example.. tell your friends your a no nothing idiot who cant, even after being corrected, look at music in a deeper light.. a music review is supposed to review the music not jockey for position on the penis of whoever you may be jocking at that time.. stay away from the balls they wont make you any cooler then you are..

  3. I guarantee you we go 2 stupid to care !!!!

  4. i dont like your reviews but your sense of humor is great.. thanks for the laugh...

  5. what up this is shmeeze, i just post a comment but i dont think it went trough for some reason.. thanks for the good reviews and i apoligize for my dumb ass cousin.. dont pay attention to these yahoos that had nothing to do with anything.. i like what you are doing with this blog and i think your reviews have been fair and honest.. i appriecate the love and support.. keep up the good work and i cant wait to read the review of the last album.. which album was your favorite? why?

  6. school shootings and botox for the sheer number of songs that made me say whoa ... but we'll get into that

    much love

  7. word cant wait.. we are working on a 5 disc project right now too thats gonna be super tardo!! me or ichi will keep you posted on that too.. good looks doggie

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