Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hisider Asks Kid Hum What The Deal Is

Hisider: How big is your record collection?

Kid Hum: About 2,000 Deep, With about 1,000 Hip Hop and 1,000 for Sampling.

: How do you feel about the whole sample/no samples thing?

Kid Hum: Personally I find that when something catches my ear, it is often built from a sample, or an old record. I think the best producers are intuitive and can make a good beat with whatever though.

Sometimes I will really get into a song thinking it is samples, and find out that it is all live instrumentation.

1865 for instance, is a producer who can make a dope beat using all live instruments, and who often fools me.

I feel like "Hip Hop Bands" usually miss the mark, because they don't alter their sound live, using EFX or whatever, they juts come on stage sounding like Lewis and Floorwax hired a Rapper. I had this one kid who would constantly tell me how "the future of Hip Hop was with a live band", and I was like "man I must not see what you see then".

Like Radiohead for instance, if you have ever seen them live, you know that every instrument on stage is going to sound unique, like they do shit to their instruments no one else does, and they do it LIVE. So Radiohead is further ahead of the "Hip Hop Band" curve than most of these Jam Bands w/ Rappers.

Hisider: Top 10 Producers of all time?

Kid Hum: Shit...

For me... I'll give you 20.

Large Professor, Dilla, Madlib, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Mannie Fresh, Khayree, The RZA, Pimp C, Z-Ro, Exile, Stro The 89th Key, Ohmega Watts, The Alchemist, 1865, Sol Messiah, Mr.Lee, Es-Nine, Pete Rock,

: Favorite Colorado Emcees?

Kid Hum: Sunken State, Whygee, Yonnas, Deca, Ichiban, A.V.I.U.S., Distrakt, Offly Nice, Mike Wird, Phumes, Points, Azma, Status

Hisider: If you could work with anyone in the world right now. Who all would you choose?

Kid Hum: See my list of Colorado Emcees, lol, I'm Blessed Yo! I'm working with my favorite MC's on Earth right now.

I would like to see an Eminem or 50 Cent album produced by Kid Hum, I would love to get beats on Young Jeezy's next album. I would love to work with Sugar Tongue Slim. And any of those Colorado cats I mentioned that I haven't yet gotten to know or work with, I would love to work with.

Hisider: What projects are you working on in '09?

Kid Hum: I'm producing an entire album for Cyrano aka Cy Yung of Raleigh NC, called SOBEIT, which is going to be something to talk about.

I'm producing an entire album for Sunken State.

I'm producing an entire album for Mike Wird, called Mike Wird and Kid Hum are AT ODDS.

I'm doing a crazy project with which will feature a TON of top notch MC's.

I'm sending beats out every day, and making beats, and digging, so hopefully just a steady stream of new work.

I wanna get something finished with Whygee too, I know he is working on a bunch of stuff I gave him so that might be another album, or at the very least I should have a bunch of Productions on some things Whygee has in store.

Hisider: What's the hell is Offshore Drilling(seen some shit online)?

Kid Hum: That is the "Rock The Dub Presents... Kid Hum". That is going to be a motherfucker. I am going to be able to die happy after that shit drops.

Hisider: Everybody is talking bout this is the year for Colorado Hip Hop to Explode. Do you agree/disagree?

Kid Hum: I agree 100%, I am going to personally ensure it in fact. Lol. And I encourage everybody to do the same. And if anybody needs College Radio Promotion (getting charted on the CMJ) I am now open for business. Hit me up for Rates.

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