Friday, February 13, 2009


Make sure you take advantage of this, the more people that participate in these ticket giveaways, the more success they are, and the more likely we are to continue doing this in the future!!

Anyways, we are giving away FREE TICKETS to THE NAPPY ROOTS.

This show is going down Wednesday, February 18th, at the Marquis Theater.

This is honestly too cool, The Nappy Roots released one of THE BEST albums of 2008, with The Humdinger. The Nappy Roots are the realest of the real, and definitely should be at the TOP of the list of out of state acts you should check out.

You should really buy a ticket to this show, and support the catalysts of this Hip Hop shit! For the kids!!

However, if you would like FREE TICKETS to THE NAPPY ROOTS, check this out.

Send an email to, and make sure you write in detail why YOU should be going to see THE NAPPY ROOTS for FREE!

For instance we would write, "Hey! We are the hugest Nappy Roots fans EVER. The Humdinger was our favorite album of 2008! If we are going to see one concert this year we want it to be THIS one". But be original...

Also The Diamond Boiz and F.O.E. are going to be opening up for this show, so we are going to have some dope Local Rappers representing on the same stage as The Nappy Roots! Dope!

Again, make sure you send an email to, and lets get these FREE TICKETS!

We will have many more ticket giveaways in the future, but first we need to make this one a SUCCESS. So get on it!

Again, This show is going down Wednesday, February 18th, at the Marquis Theater in Denver.

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