Monday, February 16, 2009

Lets Make Love Hip Hop Style

I was put on here at The Report (I like calling it that because I watch a lot of Colbert a few weeks back... I've been slacking a bit but I promise to make it up to you over the next couple of week I will be slappin yall around with all kinds of Colorado Hip Hop I'm sure you've never heard because you guys just dont digg like us(I'm sure a few of you do)..

Anyway my first installment of Colorado Classics comes from Eastside of Denver... His Name is The GoBOi I heard he's related to Whygee some kind of way...?

This is some of the best Colorado Hood Music I've heard. This should be up on Cocaine Blunts Blog(plug) this piff is so FIRE yall should just download and review it NOW!!!

Download it FREE Here!

The Lostnfound Hitsofda GoBOi

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