Wednesday, February 4, 2009



The Procussions "J.O.B."

In light of the current economic conditions, where people are killing themselves along with their own families over some debt, we thought we should post this song as it is even more relevant now than it was in 2003 (when it was released)

It is by The Procussions, but really the whole thing was written by Resonant, a former member of The Procussions who retired from Rap and now focuses on Visual Art.

Anyways, the thing about this song is that if you know anything about Economics, you can tell that so does Res, as he really goes DEEP on this cut, breaking down the complex economics behind a lot of the struggle people face.

The song touches on credit, living beyond your means, debt, and all these things that are so prevalent every time we hear news of murder-suicides pertaining to financial disparity.


Some Old Procussions Music Videos

Music Video "Introducing (Whats Your Name?)"

Music Video "The Storm"

(Don't forget about The Procussions! Before they split up they did some HUGE things.)

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