Monday, March 16, 2009


Buy 8thooven now.

For those of you unfamiliar with 800 The Jewell, the name says it all. Dude is a diamond in the rough, and a real treasure within the Colorado Hip Hop Community.

He is an MC, Producer, and Business Mastermind, who has quietly helped to build an empire as the Founder of Jewell Tyme Music.

His production is truly unique, and really stand out on its own amidst the rest of the Colorado beatsmiths. His raps some people say sound like 2pac, but they have that strong Jewell Tyme influence that comes from years of cross-pollination within this tight-knit Rap collective.

But enough about that, lets move on to 8Thooven.

800 The Jewel ft. Mississippi Mac "On the Ground"

8Thooven is an 18 song LP everyone should give a listen to, here are some reason why.

"On The Ground"
is one of a handful of songs on the album which really serves to show and prove to the listener that this dude truly is a great Beat Composer worthy of the name 8Thooven. A perfect combination of Church Organ, Classical Piano, and Orchestral Strings is interweaved throughout this bangin track. Not to be outshined by his own beat work, 800 bangs it up every which way for a good minute straight, before calling on Mississippi Mac to finish it off. Its certified Dope.

"CTI" is one of many songs on this album that remains dope while incorporating tongue in cheek musical references which exhibit 800's grasp on the history of music in its many forms.

On this one he borrows from the Soundtrack to Amadeus, reworking the melody, harmony, and yes even the lyrics and refrain to the theme of the legendary Mozart biopic, in the same way that The Simpsons did with "Dr. Zaius".

It could have came off as a joke, because it is funny, but it was done with such an earnest approach that you will find yourself singing along with the hook while thinking to yourself "man this shit is dope!"

"3 Drinks" is (LOL), actually about smoking weed. Its also THE HIT. It starts off with some wild ass percussion and drums, on some real stripped down shit, and then kicks it up even another notch with some insane staccato piano stabs. The whole time dudes are laying down classic lines that express their love for the weed.

"Still" is probably our favorite song on the album. It drops in out of nowhere after opening with nothing but the drums with an ill testimonial ("First name 8, last name the Jewell!"). This is just a classic anthem, one of those testimonial jams from a real dude/producer/rapper of which there are so few out there doing it.

"8Strumental" is a really special track. Like the "Quik's Groove" series from DJ Quik, who 800 lists as a major influence on his production, this jam is the lone instrumental track on the album, and for good reason, it really speaks for itself without the help of an MC. It's dope that 800 had the wherewithall to select this song to be the standout instrumental track for his album, because it is perfect for just that.

The title track, "8thooven" really ties the concept together. 800 speaks on his respect for Beethoven and why Beethoven is dope, and then gets into his own keyboard, doing what is easily as good as the best piano work on the whole album. This is another one of the best songs on the album.

A couple other tracks to check out are "Alright" (as in this beat makes you feel Alriiiiiight, giggity), and "A Dedication" which features some more top notch percussion work by 800, including some massive conga rollls, and some slick Hi Hats.

"A Dedication"
also features 800 in what might be his most viscous flow on the album, he is really in the pocket on this one, and unleashes an extra amount of havoc on the mic.

Overall this whole album is just one more classic JTM release, of which we hope to be reviewing many of in the near future. Props.


Press Play.

800 The Jewell ft. F.O.E., Street, and Meezly "3 Drinks"

800 The Jewell ft. B Blacc and Allison Wright "Still"

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