Saturday, March 28, 2009


Allow us to reintroduce ourselves...

We have created an archive of over 130 articles.

We have not written a single article that does not relate to Colorado.

We have done the entire thing without any compensation.

We have gained high praise from out-of-state Hip Hop fans for the exposure we are giving to Colorado Hip Hop.

We have garnered high praise for Colorado Hip Hop in general from out-of-state writers who typically don't write about anybody from Colorado.

We do it all for the love of Colorado Hip Hop, in an effort to add just a little extra support to our Artists, so that they might get a little bit more exposure at the end of the day.

You're Welcome.


  1. beware...CO is a sleeping giant when it comes to hip-hop...HUGE props to the CO rap report!

    step your pool game up! We slide down with ours!!!