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Ovalizeripe is a singer and producer of electronic music. She is really cool. We really interviewed her.

She is also a member of a band called Gloam.


TCRR: Whats your name, what do you do, and where are you from?

OVALIZERIPE: My name is Olivia Perez I program music and sing for a band called Gloam. My solo stuff goes under the name of Ovalizeripe, which spans about 8 years of writing songs. Born and raised in Boulder Colorado.

TCRR: And where do you live now?

OVALIZERIPE: Between Boulder and uh-utter chaos.

TCRR: Describe your music...

OVALIZERIPE: It's what I picture underworld creatures getting down to, maybe there are some Goblins dancing around a bon fire worshipping a blue skinned Goddess prima donna, skeletons playing Xylophone on their ribs and dancing to ruminative beats, specters getting emotional to songs about outerspace, electro-magnetism in alchemy, conjuring Toltec memories... and you know stuff like that

TCRR: You seem to be really into esoteric vocabulary, can you tell us about the name "Ovalizeripe"?

OVALIZERIPE: It's an "anagram" for...guess what...I'll give you a clue: It's a first and last name.

TCRE: What other name do you go by? Which one is your official recording artist name?

OVALIZERIPE: Gloam is the only other name I am associated with right now, but I hope to have many more side projects in the future.

TCRR: How did you get started producing your own music?

OVALIZERIPE: My brother Fletcher (also in Gloam) discovered a program called buzz which is a sequencing program using samples and sound generating machines. I started messing around on buzz when I was about 16 or 17. My brother lived in Germany at the time so it was convenient that we could send the songs back and forth to eachother via email. I don't play any instruments (proficiently that is) so I liked the idea that I could have total control over how all the instruments happened in a way that made sense in my own brain. It all really came out of having no other musicians to play with, and a dire need to make sound. Everything I do is an experiment in the fact that most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing, or what sound is going to come out next. I love using mad mad effects like delays, choruses and crazy distortions.

TCRR: A lot of what you produce might resonate with Hip Hop producers and people who are into Beats... Do you have any Hip Hop influence in your production?

OVALIZERIPE: I love alot of hip hop, the vibe, the rhythms, and the way the words fall in intonation. I'm really impressed with a few different artists...I love Del tha funky homosapien, who I got to see live recently Rahzel is incredible who I also saw live, M.I.A, Cibo Matto, Missy E has some really bad ass production, the beats in Ice Cube's Natural Born Killaz
are impeccible....As a ehem... a woman.... my only complaint about main stream hip hop and the reason I don't listen to more is mostly because of the idiotic things that most of them rap about. I know there is TONS of less known and more intelligent hip hop but alas! my repertoire of underground hip hop is scant to say the least. Maybe I could get some help on that one...?

TCRR: Tell us about Gloam.

OVALIZERIPE: GLoam is an experimental art rock band consisting of: myself (vocals and song programing and sequencing) My brother Fletcher Williams (guitar, programing and sequencing, Keyboards, technical stuff) my sister Michaela Perez (Keyboards and guitar) Brendan Schutt ( Bass) and Fernando Joaquin Guzman on (Drums). We play around Denver mostly, somtimes in Boulder, but we hope to plan a west coast tour soon. Our goal is to ever so gently push and prod on the fringes between harmony and chaos.

TCRR: When did you start getting into making music?

OVALIZERIPE: I knew since I was a young one that was what I would do. My Dad plays classical guitar and my mom is a singer so I grew up surrounded by music and would listen to anything and everything. When I was like 13 I went through one of those ehem...metal /industrial phases and I thought I wanted to play guitar in a metal band. When I started producing songs in Buzz they sounded nothing like anything I was listening to or had ever heard before so I kept going with it wanting to experiment as much as posible. I have a hankerin' to create sounds and use samples that have never been heard before. For instance in the song "Ganymede" I use a sample of a recording of Jupiter's radio emissions.

TCRR: Who are some musicians in your peer group that you get inspiration from these days?

OVALIZERIPE: I'm always inspired by Denver band Fissure Mystic because of the tighness of the instrumentation and the sheer volume of songs written, but actually most of my inspiration comes from books and conversations or from some really random, unexpected quarters.

Ovalizeripe "Cunnus Diaboli and the Red Sulpher"

TCRR: What is your favorite song that you have recorded?

OVALIZERIPE: I love all of dem songs so much but "Cunnus Diaboli and the Red Sulpher" puts a sprig in me step and a sparkle in my eye it does...

TCRR: What are some upcoming projects that you have your hand in, that you are real proud of?

OVALIZERIPE: My sister Michaela and I are conjuring some crazy tunes together...but these are still in their embryonic phases.

TCRR: Who are some Colorado artists that you would like to give a shout out to or just give due credit to?

OVALIZERIPE: Fissure Mystic, The Vitamins, Ghost Buffalo, Tornado Alley, Lions the Brave, Timmy Flips, Harpoontang...list goes on....

TCRR: Can you tell us what the future holds for Ovalizeripe?

OVALIZERIPE: Ovalizeripe hopes to quit her day job.

And so do we...


Ovalizeripe "Partofeturia"

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