Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Did you get Songs Of The Colorado Rap Report yet?

Check this out...

"Over the past few months, I've featured several artists from my second home state, Colorado. Disktrakt, Whygee, and Kid Hum all have graced the site in the past six months. You can also add Colorado's version of Mick Boogie in the form of DJ Low Key to that list, as he has one large interview on this site (and another the chamber if I ever get the time to finish it). Needless to say, I'm always about supporting anything that comes out of the state when it comes to music. Not because I owe any favors, most of these cats I didn't meet up with until after I moved out of the state. I do it because it's damn good music and it deserves the shine.

The Colorado Rap Report dropped this collection of Colorado hip hop (I swear I thought about this very thing today at work). I haven't had a chance to listen to it, but I'm familiar with a good chunk of the artists that appear on it and all have my personal approval. So give it a whirl, see what that thin air does to lyrics and beats."

-Wake Your Daughter Up

"Learn about that CO fire."

-Rock The Dub

"The folks at The Colorado Rap Report just released a collection of hip hop from a bunch of Colorado representatives. I don’t get much exposure to much hip hop from Colorado so this is a nice introduction to some new MC’s for me."


"The good guys at The Colorado Rap Report shot me over this 22 song compilation they just premiered at midnight. I've listened to the whole thing and let me say, DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS. It features some great Hip Hop from one its most obscure (but rising) markets. The group is already working on compiling volume two, so expect even more real soon. Here are a few tracks you can preview in zshare and a link to the full album below it."


"Il y a des états dont on ne parle jamais, comme le Colorado, cet état des rocheuses est connu pour etre la maison du plus grand dessin animé de l'histoire de la télé, South Park (oui, j'ai un parti pris sur ce sujet!), mais quand on parle de rap, il est rarement mis en avant.
Pourtant, les emcees sont nombreux et la scène a quelques bonnes choses à offrir et si vous aimez faire des découvertes, voici quelques pistes avec Songs Of The Colorado Rap Report, une compil regroupant quelques une des jeunes plumes montantes du Colorado avec Whygee, Ichiban, Maneline, 3 the Hardway, Sunken State et d'autres.
A ne pas manquer!"

-The Rap Cypher

"Ok, now I may be done with mixtapes (stress the maybe). New tape from the homies over at The Colorado Rap Report, who put together this nice little comp of CO emcees, including Whygee and Sunken State, 3 the Hardway, 1865, Kid Hum, and others. Colorado's definitely poppin' with hip-hop, and they have some dope shit coming out of there. Enjoy."

-The Message

"Oh you better believe it, they get it in Colorado!!! DO NOT SLEEP ON THE COLORADO SCENE FOLKS!!! Big ups to The Colorado Rap Report for sendin' this over!"


"The Colorado Rap Report has sent in their free compilation of Colorado’s Hip Hop finest. “Songs of the Colorado Rap Report” is a mix of a bunch of brand new underground music from CO and is a great example of the kind of music they’re releasing these days."

-Flawless Hustle


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