Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Another belated 4/20 post.


This album is part promotional mixtape for Bluntville blunt wraps, and part Out Tha Box Radio. But for the most part its just a bunch of new Sid Fly music, usually with him taking the first verse (which is nice.)

So light up a ton of grass! And journey into the smoke cloud space ship world of the man who puts the High in Ground Zero Movement's "MHC".

Press Play.

Sid Fly ft. Whygee & P.A.A.S. "The Weed Song"

Denver is "The Land Of Tha Lost". This is the type of shit that makes me wanna hear more Sid in the future, dude is timeless, and on some next shit.

"The Ruler's Back" really takes me back to the MHC days, and has me reminiscing of the old Ground Zero Movement music that used be all over the place, invoking images of McNichols Arena, Mile High Stadium, and their successors. Some true bridge music, bridging the gap as things come and go and shit.

"The Weed Song" , there was a little hype for this one, and it doesn't dissappoint! This is my favorite song on the album, a classic!!! Its Sid Fly, P.A.A.S., and Whygee, and its THE WEED SONG! Just Press Play as far as that one guys, and prepare to press rewind, too...

Not sure who made that beat for "Goin Back 2 Cali" (NO Biggie), but its ILL. Sid Murks. Song is dope, Sid talks about his Cali roots and love for Cali.

"Die Anotha Day"
evokes some of the best of Scarface, or Z-Ro. With a great beat that is part Colorado, part Texas, and maybe not either? (not sure who made this one). This is another one of my favorite songs on the album, classic.

Most of my favorite songs on this were the solo tracks, where Sid was doing his thing all by himself over some space age beat work. (Like on "Land Of Tha Lost" for instance). Sometimes dude reminds me of Saafir (Like on "Mile Hi Mile Hi" for instance), but for the most part its just Sid Fly, he is a unique rapper.


Sid Fly "Land Of Tha Lost"

Sid Fly "The Ruler's Back"

Sid Fly "Goin Back 2 Cali"

Sid Fly "Die Anotha Day"

Sid Fly "Mile Hi Mile Hi"

Also make sure you check out Sid's "Flight School" Blog if you haven't yet!


  1. I just downloaded it. I give it a B. I've heard Sid come better than that. But you right Land of the Lost, and that Mile High joint was the best ones. That's the real Sid Fly, that shit talk and weed smoke.
    I'm hearing the solos but what's up with Ground Zero?

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