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This is an album review of F.O.E.'s "King of the Mountain".

F.O.E. is a rapper affiliated with Jewell Tyme Music, who has just recently won Best Rapper in Denver in the Westword.

Just the other day he opened up for the Denver Nuggets on the floor of the Pepsi Center.

Keepin you posted for 2009, F.O.E. is going to be a big deal this year.

On to the review...

F.O.E. "Back Up" (Produced by 800 The Jewell)

Back Up: This is a great intro, which invokes 2Pac "Hail Mary" in its production, and features a nice vocal orchestration throughout, great overdubbing. It only clocks in at 1:30, and every second is gripping.

Should Been Had A Deal: This song has a great message, and the feeling is just right. It sound like all the frustration that its name implies, very heartfelt. Memorable

Plastic: This is some hardcore, head nodding shit. F.O.E. really grabs your attention with his lyrics and flow, and then hands the mic to Young Doe on the second verse, who does a great job of bringing this song to a close. The song serves its purpose, separating the real from the fake.

Time On My Hands: This is my favorite song on the album, F.O.E., Meezly, and 800 The Jewell provide a memorable hook over some crystal clear hi hats and xylosynths. It goes down. The bridge in the middle (after the 1st verse), is a defining breakdown, which had me hitting rewind button.

Itz Me: This song takes more of an upbeat, DJ Quik type of feel, and B Blacc ushers in the track, which makes for a nice transition. By the time the hook starts, and the backgrounds chimed in, I had a new favorite track. But its apples and oranges, comparing this to Time On my Hands, so I guess I have two favorites.

Can't Go For That: Love the beat, maybe my favorite beat on the album. I'm a sucker for electric guitars in Hip Hop, and this shit has some nice electric guitars. The bass line is really nice.

Friend: Similar to 800 The Jewell's "CTI" with its "Amadeus Amadeus" theme this message to "All The Haters" takes on a remake of a classic, but this time its the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Under The Bridge". The result is a great use of sampling, as they invoke a fan favorite into a Coloradocentric sound that sets a much more somber tone then the early nineties RHCP.

If U Da Bomb: Maybe the most radio friendly of all the songs on the album, this one sound kind of like JTM's version of "A Milli", Only I like it more than "A Milli", and it sound like some straight up Colorado Rap Music. It features B Blacc on the second verse, and he really lights that shit up, damn. The whole thing is classic. Being that this is my favorite song on the album, and being that its Radio Ready, why isn't this on MTv? Should be. The "If U Do Bomb" has been lowered, and slowered throughout the whole track, its a dope effect, done to perfection.

Overall this album has a great amount of continuity. I like how it sounds like a band, playing similar instruments throughout, with similar harmonies on each song. But every beat is well made, and each one speaks for itself. So its really a treat to listen to F.O.E. orchestrate his solo effort over and over again with all this consistent quality in the beat production.

A great introduction to the music of Jewell Tyme and F.O.E., who are currently getting ready to put out a ton of sequels, debuts, and collaborations this year.

And "If U Da Bomb" is my shit.


F.O.E. ft. B Blacc "If U Da Bomb" (Produced by 800 The Jewell)

F.O.E. ft. Street Lyfe "Friend" (Produced by 800 The Jewell)

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