Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Just gave a listen to the new JTM Mixtape from Rapper Karma, entitled "Barack O Karma The Street Politics Mixtape".

It was even better than I thought it would be, in fact Karma is now on my radar as one of the most valuable MC's in the state. Make SURE you pick this up. Here are some of the standout tracks on the album.

Karma ft. Duce Wyld, 800 The Jewell, and F.O.E. "Welcome"

I'm Here: Karma Kind of Reminds me of Jeezy, in a good way.

Trapped in Memory: Ill Beat, Its got a Crazy Lo-Fi Sound like a Movie Soundtrack, Some Sci-Fi shit. Karma continues to bless the overdubs, and continues to sound like Colorado's Jeezy (in a good way).

Block Star: After a great transition out of "Trapped in Memory", this cut immediately changes up the vibe, Lil Trouble and Karma sound good together.

By the time F.O.E. jumps on the track I am already thinking this mixtape is gonna change the game in Colorado, so to speak. I'm gonna be pumpin' this over, and over, and over again.

Chevy Music: Another solo track, this one showcases a less aggressive style from Karma. He still continues to bang out some thick and well thought out overdubs, and this beat is another classic from JTM Music.

Element of Surprise: More of that cinematic production that I'm feeling. Savier takes the first verse, and perfectly introduces the son. Man, JTM has got depth, the way they continue to bring new Rappers onto the stage throughout this journey is dope, its like some old school Wu Tang shit or something. DEPTH!

Savier also produced a lot of the beats on this album!

Diamond: Probably the catchiest and most radio ready song on the album. It varies back and forth between a radio friendly hook, and some gritty, CO_Centric, Rap Music, on the verses. But when I say "catchy" I don't mean R&B, R&B and Singing is something you won't hear on a lot of JTM songs, and I respect that.

(When they do sing its on some dope "Devin The Dude" like shit, or its in a sample or a choir or something, as part of the beat.)


Dead Or Alive: The Bon Jovi Song!

Dudes crunk up some Bon Jovi, and make an instant classic in the process. This track was the blog hit, that was all over the internet last year.

Its also a crowd pleaser, which Karma and F.O.E. have been known to perform at shows.


Huggin: This throwback funk beat is perfect for this semi-posse cut, it really allows you to layback and just close your eyes and focus in on each rapper over a three minute period of time.

Great song, kind of sounds like some 90's G-Funk, like it could have arrived in a time machine.

Just A Touch: Great finger snaps, every thing about this beat is... Smooth. Another radio ready song, this time one that is more aimed at the ladies (no craigslist hookers).


Jazztrap: The song is called Jazztrap, motherfucker.

Its all about the bassline on this one.

Welcome: An Ironic name for the last song on the record. This shit right here?! Probably my favorite cut on this whole thing, this shit is as hard as if Dre and 2Pac has worked together more back in the early 90's. So its sound like The Chronic/All Eyez on Me/Daz Dillinger Beats, which is to say its a combination that hasen't really been done so perfectly, ever. And its Some COLORADO shit!

Welcome amounts to my favorite song on this whole album. A reminder that what I just listened to was a 5 star mixtape.

The album comes in at about 33 tracks, but most of them are actually 15 second drops from other JTM Music affiliates and what not, the full length songs are the meat of the album, and are rewindables through and through.

Again, make sure you check this one out. And stay tuned for much more from Jewell Tyme Music.


Karma ft. J Money, Vonny Loc, and B Blacc "Huggin"

Karma "Trapped in Memory"

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  1. There is a "model" groupie that uses the same name lol saw her on that thick vixens site she was talkin some ish about Karrine Steffans...