Saturday, April 11, 2009


Most of you have heard of Naeem Oba by now if not by way of searching myspace then by way of his work with local MC Whygee... So from Minneapolis Minnesota In honor of Dead Prez - Let's Get Free... TCCR gives you Naeem Oba's Symbolism Mixtape... This release is Colorado Rap Report Type shit! Revolutionary Hood Music with a meaning. I would like to start off by saying this mixtape is full of classic beat selection(Dilla Joints)... Naeem takes time to touch on a lot of subjects on this mixtape from Religion... to the reasons to "Shoot Your TV" ...If I was to suggest a track that defines the tone of the mixtape it would be "Out There" with lines like "Vain Image Like Christ Painted White" and "Angel With Broken Wings Love To Smoke And Drink" Oba's Educated Militant Approach to Hip Hop is one that reminds the listener of passionate Alex Jones Radio Show or that Famous William Cooper Novel "Behold A Pale Horse" we all know and love. This Mixtape Screams Black In America...

DOWNLOAD The Symbolism Mixtape


Download N.O. WHY Here.


Naeem Oba "Killin Time"

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