Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Boonie Mayfield, "That Dude On Youtube", and an MPC impresario who is also a monster on the keys. He makes his way out of Colorado Springs...

Mr.J Medeiros, MC, BBoy, and a member of the legendary Procussions, knows a thing or two about beats, being a part time producer himself. He also makes his way out of Colorado Springs...

What is The Art of Broken Glass EP? Let's find out...

Press Play.

Mr. J Medeiros "Umpire State" (Produced by Boonie Mayfield)

"Love Is All" features Tara Ellis, it does its thing and she holds down the middle of the song beautifully. Mr. J does a good thing by using his 2nd verse to elevate the song to new heights in the later stages of the track. Good track that cries out the speakers at you.

"Umpire State" is blessed to be the product of such a classic beat, sincerely. The horns? Man the whole thing lies directly within the lineage of Jazz that Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Pete Rock all belong too, all the while it invokes images of home with its Colorado tone. Can't say enough good things about this song, so just check it out and weigh in for yourself. Mr. J holds it down on top of this 1000 pound gorilla of a Beat.

"The Measure" features Jonathan Korszyk doing vocals on the hook. And the album consistently progresses. The Bassline reminds of some Jazz Fusion Return to Forever sampling a la something Madlib might get his hands on.

"Tower of Cards" is the most aggressive on the album. It also features a more traditional Mr. J Medeiros, invoking memories of his days in The Procussions. It features a symphonic composition from Boonie, which is quite different than the production he has provided on the EP up until this point.

"Broken Windows" is the semi-title track, and reminds of "Umpire State", as if it were a cousin or maybe your dad's cousins brother. It stand out on its own, its definitely fam, but it also is a little more serious in character than "Umpire State". The horns are also way different in this one, gone is the sound of filtered vinyl and ghosts, instead we get a full and in your face brass section, that sounds like it is standing the studio with Mayfield himself.

The album weighs in at five tracks, which makes it perfect for rewinding and revisiting immediately.

And that's that, cop it, and support Mr. J as he continues to carry with him the blessing of his music. And buy some Boonie beats while you are at it, support the scene.

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