Monday, May 18, 2009


This shit looks hot, lot of dope exclusive Colorado Hip Hop on this one.

Also the cover art depicts Yung Berg's heart being ripped from his chest. Berg is the subject of much of the lyrical material on this joint.

For more on the Berg/Quote beef peep this article on Q's Rap-Up

But yeah I was listening to the snippets of this just now, looks like there is actually A LOT of Yung Berg related battle raps all up on this one, and it also sounds dope, can't wait to check this out.

And whoever Quote has doing his cover art is fucking dope w/ that Duck Down Comic Book stylie.


There is a nice back cover for this too, with a tracklist, but we couldn't find a large enough Jpeg of it so fuck it, we typed it out. (probably inaccurately)

1. DJ Quote "Respect The DJ"
2. Iman S "Parkhill Shit"
3. C Mays "Killin Em"
4. Jigzsaw "Hottest in the Hood"
5. M6 "Gangster Gangster"
6. Young Doe "Respect The Game"
7. The Little "That's Quote"
8. Innerstate Ike "Phone Bologna Sandwish"
9. Grafh "Blackhand Army"
10. Frostie "Box State"
11. Ginque "Sucka Nigga"
12. Mega Man "Sexy Can I"
13. Mr Midas ft. Petey "Me and my DJ"
14. Tone Skarfo "Oh Damn!"
15. Black Prez
16. DJ Quote Outro
17. JPEG "#1 Printing & More"

(Note: We don't take sides or nothing, we just promote CO Hip Hop so we could care less about Berg or the Beef. But we should add that DJ Quote's videos are really well done and pretty funny too.)

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